PHP & MySQL: Server-side Web Development (Wiley)
Tuesday, 22 February 2022

In this book Jon Duckett shows how PHP is used to build sites, along with how website sites store information in MySQL, and how to use the database to create the web pages. This full-color book has code examples, infographics and photography that cover the PHP language and how to work with databases, along with how to build new applications from scratch.



Author: Jon Duckett
Publisher: Wiley
Date: February 2022
Pages: 672
ISBN: 978-1119149224
Print: ‎ 1119149223
Audience: Web developers
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: PHP


  • Read and write PHP code
  • Store data in a MySQL database
  • Tailor pages to each visitor
  • Build a CMS or social network
  • Content management
  • Registration and membership
  • Uploading images and media
  • Comments and likes

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