Building the Data Lakehouse (Technics Publications)
Friday, 01 October 2021

This book describes the features and architecture of the data lakehouse, along with its analytical infrastructure; the next generation of the data warehouse and data lake. Bill Inmon, Mary Levins and Ranjeet Srivastava describe how data lakehouses are designed for use with analytics, machine learning, and data science and also discuss how the universal common connector blends structured, textual, analog, and IoT data.



Author: Bill Inmon, Mary Levins and Ranjeet Srivastava
Publisher: Technics Publications
Date: October 2021
Pages: 254
ISBN: 978-1634629669
Print: 1634629663
Kindle: ‎ B09GRZ9KP3
Audience: data scientists
Level: Intermediate
Category: Data Science

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JavaScript: The New Toys

Author: T.J. Crowder
Publisher: Wrox
Date: July 2020
Pages: 260
ISBN: 978-1119367956
Print: 1119367956
Kindle: B08C9PH74Z
Audience: Experienced JavaScript developers
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Mike James
Great title! Can the book be as good?

Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours (7e)

Author: Phil Ballard
Publisher: Sams Teach Yourself
Date: November 2018
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0672338090
Print: 0672338092
Kindle: B07H2KXFWP
Audience: Would-be JavaScript web devs
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Ian Elliot
JavaScript is an easy to learn language so can 24 hours turn you from a beginner to an exper [ ... ]

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