Back into the Storm (Independent)
Friday, 13 August 2021

The subtitle of this book is "A Design Engineer's Story of Commodore Computers in the 1980s" and it recounts the experiences of hardware engineers designing Commodore Business Machines from 1983 to 1986. It's author, Bil Herd, was the lead design engineer for the TED series of home computers which included the Plus/4 and C16.


Bil Herd and Margaret Gorts Morabito tell the inside stories of how Herd and his team of (mostly) young individuals crafted new computers using the resources of one of the largest computer manufacturers at the time at their disposal, without design committees or management oversight groups to get in the way of true progress.

Author: Bil Herd and Margaret Gorts Morabito
Publisher: Independently published
Date: July 2021
Pages: 302
ISBN: 978-8534584950
Print: B09BF53TW7
Kindle: B09BDF92F4
Audience: General
Level: Introductory
Category: Hardware platforms and History


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Bash (In Easy Steps)

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Publisher: In Easy Steps
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ISBN: 978-1840788099
Print: 1840788097
Kindle: B07NNWVL2Z
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Rating: 4
Reviewer: Harry Fairhead
Is Bash a computer language? It is certainly complex enough to need to book to explain it.

Professional Scrum Development with Azure DevOps

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ISBN: 978-0136789239
Print: 0136789234
Kindle: B08F5HCNJ7
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This is a book designed for teams using Scrum and Azure DevOps together for developing complex product [ ... ]

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