Analytics - An Expanding Jobs Market
Analytics - An Expanding Jobs Market
Written by Janet Swift   
Friday, 30 May 2014

Demand for specialists in big data and analytics continues to grow as more and more companies are collecting more internal and external data than ever before.

Tech jobs specialist Dice has figures that show the year-on-year increase in job postings that require data-centric and cloud-centric skill sets.



Writing on the Dice blog, Nick Kolakowski explains the developments that have contributed to this growth in demand.

While many businesses have traditionally crunched data on-premises, a growing number of platforms enable that analysis to take place via the cloud. That could increase demand for employees comfortable with a broad range of tools and platforms—for example, tech pros skilled in Hadoop with working knowledge of cloud-storage offerings might find themselves coveted by employers under pressure to excavate insight from voluminous amounts of data while taking more processes online.


We've been consistently reporting predictions of an explosive demand for data scientists so that fact that Dice has noted a 46% increase in job postings requiring this general skill over the last year should come as no surprise.

No SQL has seen the sharpest upturn (54%) and this appears to continue a trend that we noted last year. In this chart Dice lumps NoSQL databases together but MongoDB and Hbase seem to the most popular because of their synergy with Hadoop, which has experienced a 43% rise.

Expertise in cloud is a rather nebulous term and raises the question of which cloud platforms are most popular with employers. Searching current listings on Dice turn up more than twice as many mentioning AWS as Azure - but making this refinement reduces the number of matches to well below the 1,000 postings required to be included in this analysis whereas SaaS does crop up with a frequency that comfortably crosses this threshold. No doubt we will begin to see more granular requirements in cloud-related job postings as the move to online analytics continues.

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