Agile MSDN Magazine June 2011
Agile MSDN Magazine June 2011
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Monday, 06 June 2011

This month's MSDN magazine has agile development as its theme but this runs to just two focused articles. There is, however, plenty to interest developers.


This month's MSDN magazine has agile development as its theme but this runs to just two focused articles - one on general agile development using Team Foundation Server: Make Agile Work for You in TFS 201; the other on agile in a mixed C++/C# environment  again using TFS:Agile C++ Development and Testing with Visual Studio and TFS.

Moving on from agile methodology we have the 3rd part of the series on building your own debugger:Clients and Callbacks.

Given that there are two articles on mobile development the theme of the issue could just as easily be Windows Phone 7 - but this is only to be expected given the importance of the platform. The first article, Sterling for Isolated Storage on Windows Phone 7, is surprising in that it shows how to install and use the open source database Sterling (available on CodePlex) within Windows Phone 7's isolated storage. Sterling is a noSQL database that can be used with Silverlight in the browser as well as on Windows Phone 7.

The second Windows Phone 7 article, Build Multi-Targeted Apps for the Desktop, Prism and Windows Phone 7, is actually on multi-targeting apps for the phone, desktop and Prism - yes Prism. If you haven't encountered it before it was the code name for the guidance formally known as the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. For brevity and conciseness, and due to customer demand, this guidance is now referred to simply as Prism. It is essentially a framework to help you build MVVM applications on WPF and Silverlight. 

The final article, Master Large Data Streams with Microsoft StreamInsight, is on a SQL Server technology. StreamInsight is a data stream monitoring tool that sounds quite interesting but seems a bit "niche" for the general programmer.




Notable among the regular columns is Charles Petzold on how to paginate text for a Windows Phone 7 ebook reader, see Principles of Pagination. It's a seemingly simple task but one that is very difficult to get right, James McCaffrey looks ar drawing a polyline approximation to a Bezier curve on Bing maps in Curved Lines for Bing Maps AJAX. You can find the entire contents list here: MSDN June.


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