Win 10 SDK Update
Win 10 SDK Update
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 05 August 2016

 There's a new SDK for Windows 10 to accompany the Windows 10 anniversary update with improvements for Windows Ink, Cortana,and Windows Hello in Edge.



The SDK contains the latest headers, libraries, metadata and tools for building Windows 10 apps. Used along with the latest Visual Studio 2015 release it can be used to access the Windows 10 APIs, and to build Universal Windows apps along with desktop apps for Windows 10.

The support for Windows Ink mean you can add Windows Ink use to your apps with just two lines of code, giving you access through the InkCanvas and new InkToolbar controls.The InkCanvas class defines an area that receives and displays all pen input as either an ink stroke or an erase stroke, while the InkToolbar class is a Universal Windows app control containing a customizable and extensible collection of buttons that activate ink-related features in an associated InkCanvas. 


By default, the toolbar includes buttons for drawing, erasing, highlighting, and displaying a ruler. Depending on the feature, other settings and commands, such as ink color, stroke thickness, erase all, are provided in a flyout.

The improved support for Cortana APIs means that, in addition to adding voice controls to your apps, you can now register actions with Cortana. There are two types of actions, predefined (order food, send a message), and onces you define yourself. In both cases, you can use the APIs to trigger actions.

The extra support for Windows Hello means that in addition to using biometric authentication with Windows Hello to make your apps easier to access and more secure with Windows Passport, you can now use the same biometric authentication for web apps with JavaScript APIs in Microsoft Edge. This means you'll be able to give users the option of using Windows Hello for passwordless sign-in.



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Windows 10 Anniversary SDK 

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