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1 Record Breaking Google Code-In 2017
2 Mozilla v Yahoo
3 GitHub Adds Security Alerts
4 Yahoo Open Sources Vespa
5 GitHub's Latest State Of The Octoverse
6 Facebook Re-licences React To MIT Licence
7 A New Rift for Node.js
8 Closing Stack Overflow Documentation
9 Tabs v Spaces - More Analysis
10 GitHub Introduces Code Owners
11 Apache Fluo Improves Spark Integration
12 Open Source Friday
13 Open Source Valued Despite Poor Documentation and Bad Behavior
14 InkScape Moves To GitLab
15 Microsoft CodePlex Is Shutting Down
16 New Website for Google Open Source Projects
17 Which Code Editor Do Devs Prefer?
18 //No Comment - Assessing Code Authorship, Git Blame Who? & The Case of OpenStack
19 Over 200 Open Source Orgs Mentoring GSoC 2017
20 FSF Sets A New Software Agenda
21 Mozilla Funding - Crisis Averted For Now
22 Work Begins on ActiveGo
23 Disney Establishes Open Source Program
24 GitHub Octoverse Reveals The State Of Open Source
25 //No Comment - Samba 4.5, Wine 1.9.19 & Gnome 3.22
26 GitHub Platform and Community Improvements
27 Is OpenOffice Heading to the Apache Attic?
28 10,000 Bugs Found - A Milestone for Static Analysis
29 Microsoft Open Sources PowerShell And It Runs On Linux
30 Mozilla Funds PyPy In Latest Round Of Open Source Funding
31 Stack Overflow Documentation For All
32 GitHub Reports On DMCA Takedowns
33 21 - Bitcoin For Everyone
34 Mozilla Funds Open Source Code Audits
35 Microsoft Research Awards Demonstrate Commitment to Open Source
36 Open Source Employment Trends
37 Mozilla Looking For a New Home For Thunderbird
38 GNU Gneural Network - Do We Need Another Open Source DNN?
39 Google Open Sources Three New Hash Functions
40 Microsoft Joins Eclipse
41 Google Summer Of Code 2016
42 Mozilla Jumps On IoT Bandwagon
43 WorldWide Telescope Moves On
44 Google Open Sources iOS Testing Framework
45 Does SourceForge Have A Future?
46 Mozilla Distributes Funds To Open Source
47 Mozilla Open Source Support Program
48 OpenOffice Calls For More Volunteers
49 jQuery And Dojo Foundations To Merge
50 Should OpenOffice Be Closed?
51 New Portal For IBM Open Source Projects
52 The Truck Factor Revealed
53 Document Translator Open Sourced
54 Microsoft Open Sources WorldWide Telescope
55 Projects Abandon SourceForge
56 GitHub Introduces Licenses API
57 Mozilla Developer Network Fellowship Program
58 Google Code Shuts
59 Groovy Joins Apache
60 How Alive Is That Project?
61 Google Shrinks List of GSoC Open Source Organizations
62 Facebook's Stetho For Android Debugging
63 Microsoft Puts Orleans Code On GitHub
64 Groovy And Grails Lose Sponsor
65 NCache 4.4 Open Sourced
66 OSS Watch Openness Rating
67 EFF Asks For The Right To Access Software
68 Google Code-In 2014 Announced
69 Lennart Poettering - Open Source Not A Nice Place
70 TODO - A New Group To Tell Open Source Programmers
71 Google Frees Up More Patents
72 Beautiful Open
73 Keeping Open Source Safe
74 GCC Gets An Award From ACM And A Blast From Linus
75 TypeScript Goes Light, Moves To GitHub
76 UK Government Adopts Open Standards
77 Eclipse Community Survey 2014
78 Microsoft Refuses To Open Source VB6
79 Google Open Sources PDF Software Library
80 Nitra Open Sourced
81 Arduino Donations 2014
82 OpenWorm Building Life Cell By Cell
83 Scratch 2.0 Open Sourced
84 QEMU 2.0.0 Released
85 Open Source Better Than Proprietary Code
86 Valve Shares DirectX to OpenGL Code
87 OpenHatch - Matches Volunteers To Projects
88 OpenBSD Appeal For Funding Finds Sponsor
89 GitHub Traffic Analytics
90 ABCs Of Firefox Dev In Easy Videos
91 New API Commons Platform For Sharing APIs
92 Bribe Devs To Improve Open Source Software
93 TextTeaser Open Sourced
94 IPython Sponsored By Microsoft
95 $1 Billion For Linux
96 FSF - Free JavaScript Campaign - Too Far?
97 GitHub Adds Licensing Option
98 Google Code Bans Downloads
99 Open Source Has As Good Code Quality As Proprietary Code
100 FSF Says Close Windows 8
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