The Evolution of Cloud Computing (BCS)
The Evolution of Cloud Computing (BCS)
Thursday, 21 December 2017

Cloud computing has been positioned as today's ideal IT platform. However, this has been said before of other IT architectures. How is cloud different? In this book, author Clive Longbottom looks at what cloud promises now, and how cloud is likely to evolve as the future unfolds. Readers will be better able to ensure that decisions made now will hold them in good stead for the future and will gain a better understanding of how cloud can deliver the best outcome for their organisations.



Author: Clive Longbottom
Publisher: BCS
Date: Dec 2017
Pages: 172
ISBN: 978-1780173580
Print: 178017358X
Kindle: B075XG81GJ
Audience: potential cloud users
Level: intermediate
Category: Cloud Computing 


The book covers:
  • The cloud now
  • Why cloud?
  • Basic cloud platforms
  • Alternative cloud platforms
  • Alternative cloud models
  • Main types of SaaS cloud services
  • Building the right cloud
  • Issues with cloud computing
  • Cloud and the 'CDs'
  • Creating the business case for the cloud
  • Scale out, scale up, scale through
  • Cloud and data
  • Cloud security
  • Virtualisation, shareable resources and elasticity
  • Applications, virtual machines and containers
  • Monitoring, measuring and managing the cloud
  • Cloud Futures

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