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1 ESP32 In MicroPython: Client Sockets
2 ESP32 In MicroPython: PWM And The Duty Cycle
3 ESP32 In MicroPython: WiFi
4 ESP32 In MicroPython: I2C, HTU21D and Slow Reading
5 ESP32 In MicroPython: Using Hardware Registers
6 Raspberry Pi Pico File System & SD Card Reader
7 Master The Pico WiFi: Simplest HTTPS Client
8 Master The Pico WiFi: Simplest HTTP Client
9 The Pico In MicroPython: ADC
10 The Pico/W In C: Direct To Hardware
11 The Pico/W In C: A Better Connect
12 Sound Hardware
13 The Pico In MicroPython: HTTP Client
14 Pi IoT In Python Using Linux Drivers - GPIO Character Driver
15 The Pico/W In C: Simple Web Client
16 How WiFi Works
17 Raspberry Pi IoT In C - 1‑Wire Bus Basics
18 Micro:bit Getting Started With C/C++
19 Remote Desktop To A Headless Pi Running Bullseye
20 How Bluetooth Works
21 Raspberry Pi IoT In C Using Linux Drivers - The I2C Linux Driver
22 Micro:bit - Getting On WiFi
23 Raspberry Pi IoT In C - Basic Pulse Width Modulation
24 Raspberry Pi IoT In C - The DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
25 Micro:bit - Basic PWM
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