Rust Creates Style Team And Enhances Await
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 10 October 2022

The Rust Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and sustaining the Rust programming language, has announced it is establishing a team to maintain and define the Rust style. The Foundation has also recently released version1.64 of Rust with improvements including an enhanced version of await.

Rust is popular for situations including being embedded in other languages, writing programs with specific space and time requirements, and writing low-level code.

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Rust aficionados might be confused as to why Rust needs a style team, given it already has a standardized style, and an implementation of that style in the rustfmt tool. However, explaining the thinking on a recent blog post, Josh Triplett, who's a co-lead the Rust language team, and works on the Rust library team and the Cargo package manager, said that while "the standardized style helps Rust developers feel comfortable and at home in many different projects", there's a regular need for improvements to the style guide, such as to support new language constructs, which by default get ignored and not formatted by rustfmt. This has to be rectified and while the rustfmt team has handled this in recent years, they'd prefer "to implement style determinations made by another team rather than making such determinations itself".

To handle this, the Rust style team (which used to exist) has been reformed with three goals: making determinations about styling for new Rust constructs; evolving the existing Rust style; and defining mechanisms to evolve the Rust style while taking backwards compatibility into account.

The team is going to begin by clearing a backlog of new language constructs that lack formatting guidance, and will then move on to defining and implementing mechanisms to evolve the default Rust style, and then begin introducing style improvements.

The latest version of Rust has also been released, with improvements including a stable version of the IntoFuture trait. IntoFuture changes how .await works, meaning that it can await more than just futures; it can await anything which can be converted into a Future via IntoFuture. The team says this can help make your APIs more user-friendly. Version 1.64 of Rust is available now.

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More Information

Rust Foundation Website

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