JetBrains Survey - Do You Dream Code?
Written by Mike James   
Wednesday, 19 June 2019

For the third year running JetBrains has conducted its Developer Ecosystem Survey and has reported on some of the answers from 7,000 developers from 17 countries. Here's a look at just a handful of the findings.

jb19langs1The findings revealed that 69% of developers had used JavaScript in the last 12 months and 5% plan to adopt it, this made it the most used overall language. Meanwhile Java was reported to be the most popular solo (i.e. programmers who only used Java) primary language.jb19langs2

Go was designated the most promising programming language as it had expanded its share from 8% to 18% since the first survey in 2017 and now has the largest number of developers wanting to adopt it or migrate to it as shown here:


As well as being in the top three languages, Python had the distinction of being the most studied language with JetBrains reporting that:

27% of respondents have started or continued to learn Python in the last 12 months. 

The survey also looked further into Python usage:


With regard to Python versions, JetBrains commented:

Python 2 is dwindling rapidly as 9 out of 10 developers claim to be using Python 3 in 2019. Last year, a quarter were still using Python 2.

and regarding what the language is used for, noted:

Web development and data science are still the two main types of Python development. As Python is reported to be one of the best tools for data science, it’s not surprising that the number of Python developers involved in Data analysis and Machine learning is so high.

Certainly from JetBrains findings, Python again emerges as a powerful general-purpose language as we reported earlier this month in relation to the Packt SkillUp Survey.

Being its original and continuing main developers JetBrains is particularly interested in Kotlin, even though it is only nominated as a primary language by 6%. This means that only a subset of some 360 developers answered this question:


which revealed that two-thirds of them (~240) target Android.


JetBrain's Infographic Report includes a Fun section that reports that:

The more people code at work (as a primary activity), the more likely they are to code in their dreams.

While I can't claim to write code while asleep, I frequently wake up with solutions to problems and fresh algorithms ready and waiting to be coded so this finding seems perfectly convincing


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