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Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 09 October 2018

The Go Project wants to hear from you to find out how companies are using Go.

Google's Go is intended to be a systems programming language, and has been under development for more than eight years. It has been used in high profile commercial successes such as Docker, was Tiobe's language of the year 2016 and remains popular.

The developers have launched a new survey designed to provide better understanding of how companies are using Go. The questionnaire is aimed at users within companies who are able to share details like “company name,” “if your company is hiring Go developers,” and “reasons your team or company adopted Go”. The questionnaire should take around seven minutes to complete, and the Go team only wants one response per company (or per department for larger companies). This is a different survey from the usual annual anonymous Go user survey, which will be announced in November.

If your company is willing to participate, you've got until October 30th. For those of you more interested in finding out what Google wants to know from the survey, the questions ask whether you're hiring Go developers; and what has been successful in your use of Go and what hasn't. There are also quite a few questions about what software and services your company uses - cloud providers, databases, large object/ file stores, build systems, and data processing systems.

One interesting question was "What functionality of Go Cloud would be most useful to your company?" This follows on from the release of Go Cloud back in July. Go Cloud is a library and tools for developing on the open cloud, and Google's plan is to make Go the language of choice for developers building portable cloud applications. It's a big ambition, but no-one ever accused Google of aiming low.


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Go Company Questionnaire 2018

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