Nano 5.7 Released
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 13 May 2021

There's a new version of Nano, Gnu's command line text editor. Nano 5.7 improves the position and size of the indicator, and has several memory leak fixes.

GNU nano is a command line text editor for Unix and Linux that aims to be simple and easy to use. It was originally named Tip and was a free replacement for the Pico text editor, part of the Pine email suite that at the time was the most widely used email package on Unix. Nano is popular as an alternative to Vi and Emacs, and while few developers use it as their major editor, it offers a small, resource friendly editor for tasks such as editing batch files.


Nano provides the basics of a text editor, including an interactive search and replace with support for regular expressions, go to line and column number, auto-indentation, and filename tab completion. It has syntax highlighting, multiple buffers, spellchecking and UTF-8 encoding, and has options to run without features to reduce memory use.

nano 5.7

The new release has improved the indicator so that its position and size now follow actual lines, instead of visual lines when in softwrap mode, meaning that the size of the indicator can change when scrolling in softwrap mode.  The indicator was added in Nano 5.0, and when you run Nano with the --indicator option, it shows a kind
of scrollbar on the righthand side of the screen to indicate where
in the buffer the viewport is located and how much it covers.

Elsewhere in the new release a variety of bugs have been fixed, including a memory leak when undoing unindenting and another memory leak when pasting with syntax.


More Information

Nano website

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