Visual Studio For Mac Improves Reliability
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 27 August 2018

There's a new version of Visual Studio for Mac  with better product reliability, especially in code editing and IDE performance.

The developers say that the focus for Visual Studio for Mac 7.6 has been to improve product reliability in various areas, with a special focus on the code editing experience. However, the new version also has extended support for Azure functions thanks to some new templates and the ability to publish your function to Azure from within the IDE.

The main feature addition is better support for Azure Functions. These can be used to work with serverless functions, and there are new templates to help you create an Azure Functions project. The templates let you configure access rights, connection strings, and any other binding properties that are required to configure the function.

Once you've created your function you can now publish it directly from Visual Studio for Mac to the Azure Portal. You can either publish to an existing Azure App Service or use the publishing wizard to create a new one.

Azure functions in Visual Studio for Mac

The changes to the code editor are based on issues reported by users, and start with making the Quick Fix menu items display even when source analysis is disabled, something that didn't happen in earlier releases. Tooltips have also been worked on so they disappear when they should do, so if you hover over a variable and the tooltip appears it will now go away once you move on.

The developers have also fixed the IntelliSense problems where you get persistent red wavy lines even when there are no errors. More generally, IntelliSense has been improved for F# developers so it now offers autocompletion when you type a full point, and the JavaScript syntax highlightight has been improved.

The next major area to be improved is the performance of the IDE. This was one of the most reported problems with the previous version, and improvements made to this release start with a reworking of the code used for tag-based classification for C#. The new version uses code originally from Visual Studio for Windows that should be faster. NuGet package handling has also been improved. 

Visual Studio

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What’s New in Visual Studio for Mac

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