Ten Programmer's Mugs
Written by Lucy Black   
Saturday, 14 December 2019

It is legend that programmers run on coffee so what better than a new mug with an appropriate slogan? You could boost your favourite programmer's performance by encouraging increased coffeee consumption.

I Programmer gets a very small reward if you place an order using the links in this article, but this has in no way affected our choice - there are just far too many to pick from!

The first mug declares the relationship between coffee and code:

Never been sure about the connection with pizza though. I'm  more a sort of fine dining person - yes, even when I'm  programming.

If you have a CS degree then you might like this mug to make sure you put the rabble in their place:

Or perhaps you would prefer to pull rank and avoid time-wasting questions:


In the same vein - but perhaps this one lets the cat out of the bag. Personally I think it's more what the world might think than what we actually do. When I use the word algorithm I mean a way of getting things done:



This next one might need some explaining. Even some programmers only familiar with a particular class of languages might miss the joke. What all this means is that this is a very up market mug:


And just in case you don't get it the clue is that the majority of programmers count starting from zero. You may count 1, 2, 3, 4... but programmers count 0,1,2,3... Is this an example of sarcasm? Surely not. Readers of I Programmer are far from stupid:

Now we have a mug that is so deep to be almost Zen-like. Don't read it and conclude it just means that the drinker is stuck with some difficult reverse engineering. LIFE would be much easier if we had the source code.


A classic of calmness and determination and that's a description of the very best programmer qualities you can't do better than:


On the other hand, we all know what it is like to be dragged back to reality, or what passes for reality, by some non-programmer daring to break your conentration, that's not calming at all. Perhaps this mug might suceeed in warning said disturber to cease and desist from being so disturbing:


You would also have to make it clear that the programmer is not the subject of the injury or death. 

Finally for one-up-manship what about the, slightly too small to read at a distance, rendition of a hello world program in x86 assembler:

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