MariaDB Announces Cloud Native Open Source DB
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 20 January 2020

There's a new version of MariaDB that is designed to make it easier to develop apps using smart transactions and cloud-native data storage. 

MariaDB began life as an alternative to MySQL when Oracle took over the original MySQL. The new release, MariaDB X4, was announced by MariaDB Corp, which develops and sells an enterprise version of the open source MariaDB database management system. MariaDB has a SQL interface for accessing data, alongside GIS and JSON features.



While the new release is described as cloud-native, it is being released first as an on-premises service that customers can optionally install in a cloud instance. A fully cloud-native version delivered as a service is expected to be released later this year.

The new release has been reworked to add a dual storage layout for data: row based for transactions and columnar for analytics.This should help performance because analytical queries often aggregate values stored in a single column, so having access to the data in column layout improves the efficiency of those queries.

The term 'smart transactions' is MariaDB's term for the ability to return information that is both factual and analytical, using real-time analytics before, during and after the transactions to provide more information. Examples given by MariaDB include displaying flights for a particular day, alongside their likelihood of an on-time departure; or transferring money from savings to checking, and returning an estimate of how long the money will last. 

Applications utilizing smart transactions can anticipate user needs, create context to be more helpful, and take advantage of historical records to accurately predict outcomes. Databases such as Oracle and SQL Server support such analysis, but the MariaDB team says its the first to make smart transactions available to the masses. 

The MariaDB Platform X4 uses block storage, such as AWS EBS, for fast transactions along with object storage, such as AWS S3, for analytics.

MariaDB Platform X4 is available for subscription customers to download now. MariaDB Community Server 10.5 with columnar storage for analytical processing is coming in late January.



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