DataGrip Adds Group Data Sources
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 22 December 2017

There's a new version of DataGrip, JetBrain's IDE for databases and SQL.  The latest update has improved navigation and connectivity. DataGrip is a combination of an intelligent SQL editor and collection of database tools packed together and running on top of the IntelliJ platform.

One of the improvements to the new version that has been on the 'wanted' list since the very early days of DataGrip is the ability to group data sources  within the Database Tree View. It's not clear just why this took as long to be included as it has done, but the addition will be very welcome. Other change to the Database Tree View add the ability to drag and drop several objects at once from the tree view to an editor; and minor improvements to the way schemas are displayed and selected. 


The SQL editor has also been improved. You can use it to generate more sophisticated DDL scripts for any kind of object such as tables, schemas or procedures, including for several objects simultaneously. The Join statement completion now offers you the variant with the complete clause, and the SQL editor now supports PostgreSQL 10 grammar.

Query execution has some nice minor improvements; if you try to run a SQL file from the connect menu, it will ask you to choose a database or schema as well as a data source, and the list of data sources with related consoles appears when attaching the console to a file.

The Execute action option has also been improved in the query execution mode. In the previous release you could only choose one Execute action, but you can now set up up to three of them. Each is independent, and you can specify the way each of the three behaves, and set shortcuts.

In terms of connectivity, DataGrip has improved the SSH support, with the ability to read OpenSSH config files, and to use SSH-Agent and Pageant in authentication. Navigation has also been improved, with an option that lets you choose to have DataGrid navigate to the DDL editor rather than have the selected object highlighted in the Database View.


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