Foojay - All About Java and the OpenJDK
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 02 November 2020

Tracking the OpenJDK is not an easy feat. It evolves rapidly under a release cycle of a new version every 6 months, hence there's hoards of new features, changes and bug fixes.This is where foojay steps in,  collecting all the relevant information.


What was the alternative? A lot of manual searching. scouring disparate sources such as the OpenJDK mailing lists and official blog posts.

So what does foojay do differently? It organizes information into distinct sections:

Java Version Almanac
This section holds current, but also historical, data with information covering Java 1 released on 1996/01/23 to the latest one,16. This is useful for enterprises that are still on older versions checking the breaking changes and new APIs in case they upgrade.

What’s New in OpenJDK/OpenJDK Update Release Details
Information on every new feature of the OpenJDK sorted by Java version and date, and organized by Highlights, Issues, Components and CVEs.

OpenJDK Command Line Arguments
This is very interesting. It has info on all the JVM command line arguments from Java 6 onwards.

Foojay Today
This is the blog section of the site where various posts related to Java are published. For example the latest post is called "Spring Boot: Strategy Design Pattern – Convenience and Limitation" and there's also an interview with Java Champion, Peter Lawrey, called "Low-Latency, High-Performance Java".The section also uses tags, e.g. "Java in the Cloud", so that you can quickly zoom in to a subject you are interested in.

Finally, there's also an Events Calendar and a Comprehensive Search functionality.

Although affiliated with Azul,the site is community driven and includes contributors that are Java Champions, like Chris Newland.

So all the OpenJDK and Java info you need, cleaned up, categorized and nicely presented under one roof.foojaysq

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