Wing Python Improves Async Handling
Written by Alex Denham   
Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Wing Python has been updated with improvements including better debug stepping & exception handling in async coroutines & generators and better debugging, analysis and project creation for Django.

The Wing Python IDE has an intelligent editor and debugger that is designed to make interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun. Wing comes in three versions, a paid-for version with extra features, a free Python IDE for students and hobbyists that omits the more advanced features of Wing Pro but provides a simplified debugger and editor, limited code inspection and navigation features, and project management.


Wing 8 added a number of major features, starting with support for containers and clusters, so you can develop, test and debug Python code that runs inside containers, such as those provided by Docker and LXC/LXD, and clusters of containers managed by a container orchestration system like Docker Compose. The new Containers tool can be used to start, stop, and monitor container services, and new Docker container environments may be created during project creation.

Wing 8 also added a new Packages tool for installing, removing, and updating packages found in the Python environment used by your project. This supports pipenv, pip, and conda as the underlying package manager.

The release also expanded Wing's static analysis engine, improving its support for f-strings, named tuples, and other language constructs. 

This latest update, Wing 8.1.2, has improved debug stepping and exception handling in async coroutines & generators. Specifically, the debug stepping will now step over 'yield', and you can use Step Into to step to the return event, so the yielded value can be viewed, or Step Out to step directly to the enclosing frame.

It also has a fix meaning that it correctly detects package manager type on remote hosts, and several fixes for previous problems with debugging, analysis & project creation for Django.

Wing Python 8.1.2 is available for download.


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