Google Promises Increased Support For Python
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 15 February 2021

Google has become the Python Software Foundation's (PSF) first Visionary Sponsor, with a donation of more than $350,000 to support three specific PSF projects. Google is also making one of its PyPI datasets publicly available via the foundation.

PSF is the non-profit organization that supports the Python programming language and is devoted to advancing open source technology related to the Python programming language. Google has been a PSF sponsor since 2010.


The Foundation says that Google's donations and sponsorship funds will be used to support a number of PSF initiatives, including the first CPython Developer in Residence. The plan is that the Python Steering Council and PSF will work together to find and offer a contract to a developer to help CPython determine what needs to take priority through analytical metrics, and to carry out a survey of maintainers.

In addition, the sponsorship funds will also be used towards critical supply-chain security improvements, including developing products to detect malware for PyPI. Another project is a prototype of dynamic analysis infrastructure for distributions.

Google has also committed to continuing its donation of Google Cloud infrastructure to the PSF. This helps support the critical infrastructure that the PSF operates, including the Python Package Index.

The third element of the increased support is that Google has made its dataset of PyPI download statistics and PyPI project metadata publicly available. Google updates the datasets in near-real-time, and says that anyone with a Google Cloud account can query these datasets with BigQuery, or with BigQuery sandbox, which offers up to 1TB/month of data queries for free.

Ee Durbin, Director of Infrastructure, Python Software Foundation, said that the analytics are valuable to the maintainers of libraries:

"Publishing PyPI’s analytics as a public dataset on BigQuery has reduced the burden of supporting and managing access to information that has proven critical to maintainers of libraries as well as the team that keeps PyPI online. We are excited to realize even more cost savings and ease of deployment by moving the pipeline that feeds the dataset to Cloud Functions.”

The final part of the announcement is that Google has renewed its foundation sponsorship of the PSF for the eleventh consecutive year.



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