Snowflake Improves Developer Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Snowflake has improved its support for developers with greater accessibility for Python alongside other improvements including new hybrid tables.

Snowflake is a relatively recent addition to the data warehouse market. it combines data storage and analytics in the cloud as a "data warehouse-as-a-service". Snowflake can be used on Amazon S3, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Fans praise its ability to scale and simplicity of use while offering a good range of features.



The most interesting announcement made at the recent Snowflake Summit was the improvements to Python support. A preview version of Snowpark for Python has been released, joining the existing languages supported. 



Snowpark is Snowflake's developer platform and can be used to build scalable pipelines, machine learning (ML) models, and applications directly in Snowflake in a choice of programming languages. Until now, this meant SQL, Java and Scala on the client side, and Java, SQL and JavaScript on the server side. 

The preview includes a Python API and Python Scalar User Defined Functions (UDFs), along with vectorized UDFs, Table Functions (UDTFs), and Stored Procedures. A collaboration with Anaconda was also announced. Snowflake says:

"Since the power of Python lies in its rich ecosystem of open source packages, as part of the Snowpark for Python offering we are excited to bring seamless, enterprise-grade open source innovation to the Data Cloud via our Anaconda integration. With Anaconda’s comprehensive set of open source packages and seamless dependency management, you can speed up your Python-based workflows."

Alongside the preview of Snowflake for Python, the company has announced that there's a new native integration with Streamlit, an open-source app framework for machine Learning and data science, in development. The intention is that this will remove some of the boundaries between streaming data and batch pipelines with Snowpipe streaming, so developers will be able to design different ML workflows by transforming streaming data.

Snowpark for Python runs on the same Snowflake compute infrastructure as Snowflake pipelines and applications written in other languages.

The company has also announced a preview of Snowflake Worksheets for Python, that can be used to develop pipelines, ML models, and applications directly in Snowsight, Snowflake's user interface, using Python and Snowpark's DataFrame APIs for Python.

Snowflake for Python is available in preview now.



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