Data Studio Adds Interactive Charts
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 11 February 2019

The Data Studio team has added a number of new features to allow for faster insights and richer reporting. The improvements include interactive charts, search filters and the ability to embed external data.

Data Studio is the free component of Google Data Studio 360, which is available as a paid-for product for data visualization and reporting with licensing starting at 200 users. It can be used to connect to all your data with native integrations across a range of Google products, as well as non-Google data. Both versions can be used to create reports from data from AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheets.


The first improvement is the ability to create interactive charts by using Data Studio’s filtering capabilities directly within charts. Users can now turn any chart into a filter that filters other charts. The filters can be applied by clicking on one or more dimension values in the chart, or by dragging, or "brushing," your mouse across a time series, line chart, or area chart. Chart interaction filters work in the same way as filter controls, and can be restricted to groups, just like filter controls.

Filtering in Data Studio

The second improvement is the ability to use search filters.  This means you can look for any value in your data, no matter how large the dataset. The filter conditions let you choose a column from the chart, then specify a condition followed by the value for the filter. The conditions you can use are equals, contains, starts with, and In. You can also use Regexp to create more complex criteria using Google RE2 regular expressions.
The final improvement is the ability to embed external content. You can embed entire webpages in a Data Studio report, include YouTube videos explaining your content, Google Sheets containing the source data for your report, Forms to get feedback on the usefulness of your report, or any embeddable content from the web.



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