OpenJS Foundation - New Merged Foundation For JavaScript
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The plan to merge the the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation has materialized. The new OpenJS Foundation has been formed to serve the JavaScript community and promote collaboration across the JavaScript ecosystem.


The newly formed OpenJS Foundation, which is made up of 31 open source JavaScript projects including Appium, Dojo, jQuery, Node.js, and webpack, states its mission as:

support the healthy growth of JavaScript and web technologies by providing a neutral organization to host and sustain projects, as well as collaboratively fund activities that benefit the ecosystem as a whole.

We first reported on the proposal for this merger last October and listed the goals for the united foundation as:

  • Enhanced operational excellence;
  • Streamlined member engagement;
  • Increased collaboration across the JavaScript ecosystem and affiliated standards bodies;
  • An “umbrella” project structure that brings stronger collaboration across all JavaScript projects; and
  • A single, clear home available for any project in the JavaScript ecosystem rather than projects having to choose between the JS and Node.js Foundation.

The announcement of the OpenJS Foundation by the Linux Foundation was timed to coincide with Open Source Leadership Summit on March 12, 2019. It reiterated the fact that: 

The OpenJS Foundation will eliminate operational redundancies between the two organizations, streamline the experience for companies that provide essential financial support through membership, and coordinate efforts within the JavaScript community and with affiliated standards bodies.

There are also obvious benefits of have a single foundation as far as the community is concerned. As Mike Dolan, vice president of strategic programs, the Linux Foundation, puts it:

“OpenJS Foundation will provide improved member and community engagement by creating one, premier home for projects within the open JavaScript community to provide access to resources that enable better collaboration and sustainability. By creating a single vibrant home for any JavaScript project, the OpenJS Foundation is able to increase collaboration across the ecosystem.”

As yet there is no governance model for the OpenJS Foundation. This is being worked on by the Foundation Bootstrap Team which has a repo on GitHub.





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