Flutter 3 Is Stable For MacOS And Linux
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 13 May 2022

Flutter 3 has been released and is now stable for macOS and Linux, in addition to Windows. The developers say the new release also offers significant performance improvements as well as mobile and web updates.

Flutter is Google's open source mobile UI framework for crafting  native interfaces on iOS and Android. It was created as a combination of Google's Dart programming language and a runtime environment that is referred to as an app engine in Flutter.


The Flutter 3 release supports foldable mobile devices, partially through a collaboration spearheaded by Microsoft. The developers say "new features and widgets allow you to create dynamic and delightful experiences on foldable devices".

In practical terms, you can now make use of a list of DisplayFeatures that describe the bounds and states of device elements like hinges, folds, and cutouts. Other widgets have been enhanced so they now position child widgets without overlapping the bounds of DisplayFeatures. The improved versions have already been integrated with the framework’s default dialogs and pop-ups.

Alongside the new features, Google has released a new Casual Games Toolkit to help developers build games with Flutter, and a project tweely called the "Happy Paths Project" that is aimed at developers struggling to become a Flutter developer. There's also a new guide showing how to get more control over your app’s launch process.

Full support has been added for international text input on all desktop platforms. This includes languages that make use of text input method editors (IMEs) such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, including third-party input methods such as Sogou and Google Japanese Input.

Flutter for Windows, macOS, and Linux also now supports accessibility services such as screen-readers, accessible navigation, and inverted colors.

Flutter 3 is available now. 


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