April Week 4
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Saturday, 30 April 2022

Our weekly digest lists the week's news, new titles added to our Book Watch Archive and our weekly book review. This week's first featured article comes from Applying C For The IoT and looks at Sockets. The second is from our History section and looks at computing technology in the time before computers.

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April 21 - 27, 2022

Featured Articles  

Applying C - Sockets The Client
Harry Fairhead
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Sockets are a fundamental commnication method and you need to know how to use them. This extract is from my  book on using C in an IoT context.

Pre-History of Computing
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When was the dawn of computing? We tend to date it from the middle of the 20th century when the first programmable computers were built in the UK, the USA and also in Russia and Germany. Prior to that "computers" referred to people who performed calculations - and in this article we look at the history of making calculations.


Programming News and Views   

Go Survey 2021
27 Apr | Janet Swift
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Results of the 2021 Go Developer Survey, its sixth edition, show a very high level of satisfaction among users of the language and confidence in the long term direction of the Go project.

$200K Call For Code 2022 Announced
27 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Sustainability and climate change are the focus of this year's Call For Code, the annual contest for developers run by IBM, the David Clarke Cause, United Nations Human Rights, and the Linux Foundation.  The challenge is to build and deploy an open source solution for the chance to win the $200K Grand Prize.

Node.js 18 Adds Core Test Runner
26 Apr | Ian Elliot
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Node.js 18 has been released with improvements including the enabling by default of global fetch, and a core test runner module.

C#11 Will Support Raw String Literals
26 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Details of what Microsoft is adding to C# 11 have been released, with changes concentrating on better performance along with new language features including raw string literals and checked user-defined operators.

DataStax Astra DB gets Change Data Capture
25 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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DataStax adds CDC to its Astra DB database-as-a-service platform to deliver database changes in real time via event streams, making real-time data available for use across data lakes, data warehouses and other applications.

Java Refactoring Service For Azure Announced
25 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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A Java refactoring service designed to make it easier to modify Java applications into microservices has been announced. The partnership between Microsoft Industry Solutions Organization and vFunction will see vFunction power Microsoft's Java Refactoring Service.

ZX Spectrum Turns 40
23 Apr | Sue Gee
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The ZX Spectrum was the games computer  that took the UK by storm and introduced BASIC to an entire generation of kids, many of whom went on to become programmers. Today marks 40 years since its launch on April 23rd, 1982.

LinkedIn Open Sources Feathr Machine Learning Feature Store
22 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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LinkedIn has made Feathr open source. Feathr is the feature store LinkedIn built to simplify machine learning feature management and improve developer productivity.

Let's Encrypt Awarded the Levchin Prize
22 Apr | Sue Gee
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This year's recipient of the $10,000 prize for significant advances in the practice of cryptography and its use in real-world systems, is Let's Encrypt. Its Executive Director, Josh Aas accepted the award at this month's 2022 Real-World Crypto conference.

Wing Python Improves Remote Development
21 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Wing 8.3 has been released and the developers say it improves remote development by allowing it to work without an SSH agent or command line OpenSSH or PuTTY configuration.

TornadoVM Makes It Possible To Run Java on GPUs and FPGAs
21 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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A ray tracer in Java? That's just absurd! Is Java stepping into C++ privileged territory? Yes it is, thanks to TornadoVM.


Books of the Week

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Full Review 


Calling Tristan Needham's second book "The best math book I have read in a long time", Mike James concludes his review with:

What is most important about this book is that it isn't a presentation of differential geometry and forms, it is an explanation. We need more math books like this.

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From the I Programmer Library

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Programmers think differently from non-programmers, they see and solve problems in a way that the rest of the world doesn't. In this book Mike James takes programming concepts and explains what the skill involves and how a programmer goes about it. In each case, Mike looks at how we convert a dynamic process into a static text that can be understood by other programmers and put into action by a computer. If you're a programmer, his intent is to give you a clearer understanding of what you do so you value it even more.  


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