January Week 4
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Saturday, 29 January 2022

This week we start with an extract from JavaScript Jems, a recent addition to the I Programmer Library which sets out to show you what makes JavaScript an amazing language. We also have an artlice about the Altair from our History section. As usual, this digest has a summary of this week's news written for programmers by programmers.

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January 20 - 26, 2022

Featured Articles     

JavaScript Jems - Why JavaScript Is A Jem
Mike James
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JavaScript should not be judged as if it was a poor version of the other popular languages - it isn't a Java or a C++ clone. It does things its own way. This is an extract from JavaScript Jems: The Amazing Parts.

Altair - The First PC
Harry Fairhead
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The Altair was the computer that brought computing into homes and small businesses. It was the first PC, the forerunner of the Apple, the IBM PC and all that would follow.


Programming News and Views  


Quantum Computers Too Slow To Crack Bitcoin?
26 Jan | Mike James
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The huge amount of effort going in to building a quantum computer is based on the idea that it can compute useful things in a usefully short time. Now an analysis by researchers at the University of Sussex suggests that quantum advantage may not be enough - we may need really big hardware.

Udacity's New AI/Azure Nanodegree Now Enrolling
26 Jan | Sue Gee
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The latest addition to Udacity's ever-expanding list of Nanodegrees is a great opportunity to build a portfolio of AI projects using Microsoft Azure. Its inaugural session starts on February 2nd.

Azure Offers Directus Implementation
25 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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Azure users now have a simple way to implement Directus, via an automatic GraphQL and REST endpoint for Azure SQL.

Notepad++ 8.2 Fixes Memory Leak
25 Jan | Alex Denham
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Notepad++ has been updated with improvements including a fixed memory leak and better handling of UTF-8.

Take GitHub Actions Course For Free
24 Jan | Nikos Vaggalis
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A beginner-friendly, and free, course to help you take your first steps as a DevOps engineer is available as a series of YouTube videos.

CockroachDB Strengthens Change Data Capture
24 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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CockroachDB has been updated with improvements including stronger support for distributed Change Data Capture (CDC), new SQL syntax support and better monitoring of query performance.

Robots Cater For Olympic Athletes
23 Jan | Lucy Black
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Robots will play a vital role in the Bejing Olympic Winter Games  - that of feeding the two thousand athletes and officials who will be confined within the Olympic Village for the duration of the Games.

ARM Ships Morello Board - The Secure Hardware Of The Future
21 Jan | Harry Fairhead
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ARM is now shipping the first version of a new compartmentalized, secure microprocesser called Morello that is the first fruit of the UK government's Digital Security by Design project.

dtSearch Adds Multithreaded Indexing
21 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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dtSearch has been updated with improvements including a preview of the ability to build indexes using multiple threads, which the developers say greatly improving indexing speed on 64-bit Windows and Linux systems with multiple cores.

Amazon Offers Debugger For Machine Learning Models
20 Jan | Alex Denham
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Amazon has developed a method that automatically discovers machine learning model errors on particular types of input and provides a way to correct them. Defuse is a tool that the developers say can be used to train more robust models.

Apache Ignite Adds Change Data Capture
20 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Ignite has been updated with improvements including Change Data Capture (CDC), an Index Query API, and several vulnerability fixes. Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed.


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Mike James concludes his review:

If you need a book to give you an understanding of Rust then this probably isn't it. If you like example-based tutorials and are prepared to spend a lot of time learning about things that have little to do with Rust then you might find this book interesting.

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