December Week 2
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Saturday, 14 December 2019

If you want to get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer, our weekly digest summarizes the articles, book reviews,and news written each day by programmers, for programmers. In this week's featured articles, Harry Fairhead explains the basics of the string in C and Mike James looks at how to create a user interface using the Java Swing library.

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5 - 11 December, 2019

Featured Articles 

Fundamental C - Simple Strings   

CbookcoverThis extract, from my new book on programming C in an IoT context, explains the basics of the string, As was the case for arrays, this is not as simple as in other languages because it is so simple.


The Java User Interface - More Swing 

Finding out how to create a User Interface (UI) using the Java Swing library is not only a useful skill, it also is an ideal way to learn about objects and to make sure that the ideas really have sunk in. So we need to go back to Swing one more time. 


Book Review of the Week

Awarding a rating of 2 out of 5, David Conrad concluded: Overall I wasn't impressed by this book. There is too much simple algebra and presentation of simple results in detail. As the level increases the detail becomes less and less until the book is really only introducing the concepts.


New Listings in Book Watch    



Mozilla Remains Confident Despite Dip In Revenue   Wednesday 11 December

mozillalogoMozilla is a unique organization which is critical to the overall health and well being of the Internet. It also provides valuable financial support to open source organizations. For those two reasons its financial health is important. 


Most Used StackOverflow Snippet Has A Bug   Tuesday 10 December

It is not really a joke that programming has become a matter of copy-and-paste from a variety of sources. Yes, it can save time, but when you just copy-and-paste how do you know the code works? Even a highly up-voted SO answer could, and did, have a bug.


The Art Of Computer Programming Progresses - A Great Present   Tuesday 10 December

aocp1... for any programmer unless they already have the complete work. Even if they do there is part 5 of Volume 4 hot off the press and they are unlikely to have that one.  


AI At The Edge Challenge   Tuesday 10 December

hacksteriologoNVIDIA has partnered with in a competition that requires you to add NVIDIA hardware to an AI or robotics project. There's over $100K in prizes and one project will be selected for a special "AI Social Impact Award".


AI for Oceans - Kids Use Computer Science For Good   Monday 09 December expands beyond teaching the concepts of coding. It moves on to artificial intelligence, AI. Computer Science Education Week starts today and with it Hour of Code events in schools around the world.


Grace Hopper Celebrated Today   Monday 09 December

dia mundial infromaticaToday, December 9th is Día Mundial de la Informática and marks the start of Computer Science Education Week. Both these annual events commemorate Grace Hopper, who was born in New York on this day in 1906 as pioneer of Computer Science and as a teacher dedicated to sharing her understanding with young people.


Carpentry Compiler - Yes The Target Is Wood   Sunday 08 December

woody2We tend to think that software, and compilers in particular, are concerned with other software rather than the real world. The Carpentry Compiler is different - its target really is wood.


Programmer Gifts - Pi For Xmas   Saturday 07 December

pi3bThe holiday season is a good time to learn about computers - you have the time. But where to start? Our advice is to ignore the pudding and go for a Pi.


CodeGuru For Automated Code Review   Friday 06 December

codegurusqPerhaps the most interesting AWS announcement for professional programmers from this week's annual re:Invent conference was Amazon CodeGuru which makes the claim "It's like having a distinguished engineer on call, 24x7."


LearnR Updates Quiz Questions   Friday 06 December

rlogoThere's a new release of learnr, the R learning package from RStudio. In this new version, quiz questions have been expanded to allow for more question types.


Amazon Redshift Updates   Thursday 05 December

awsAmazon has announced a number of updates to Redshift, its cloud-based data warehouse service.


Google Code-In 2019 Underway   Thursday 05 December

goc10thThis year's Google Code-In started on December 2nd. This is the tenth event since it started in 2010 and is expected to be the biggest yet of this seven-week long global online contest in which students aged 13 through 17 from around the world are introduced to open source development.




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