December Week 1
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Saturday, 07 December 2019

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November 28 - December 4,  2019 

Featured Articles 

JavaScript Canvas - Basic Paths  

path3Paths are the basic way to create a drawing using Canvas. In this extract from a chapter in the new book by Ian Elliot on JavaScript Graphics we look at the fundamentals of paths.


SAGE - Computer of the Cold War    

whirlwind2War is a spur to innovation and computing was kickstarted in the Second World War but perhaps its greatest driver was the Cold War with its need to keep track of missiles. An article from our History section.

Book Review of the Week

 Ian Elliot awarded a rating of 4 out of 5, concluding:

This is a well-written and well-produced book. If you are the right reader then it will do its job and repay the time and effort you put into reading it. To be the right reader you need to want to make web apps and be prepared to do some work. it will suit novice developers who are willing to look things up online to supplement it. 


New Listings in Book Watch    


Is Microsoft Planning To Replace Rust?  
Wednesday 04 December

verona4Project Verona seems to be an attempt by Microsoft to build a new language with Rust-like features. What isn't clear is how serious this is? Are we looking at a potential Rust#? 

Sagemaker Studio - An IDE for Machine Learning  
Wednesday 04 December

sagemakerstudiosqAmazon SageMaker Studio, announced by CEO Andy Jassy on the second day of the AWS re:Invent conference, is envisaged as unifying all the tools needed for machine learning. Several other SageMaker products were launched alongside it. 

Amazon Braket On The Quantum Bandwagon  
Tuesday 03 December

liquid1Amazon has just announced an extension to the range of instances offered by the AWS cloud services - quantum! Why? 

Golang Wants Your Opinion  
Tuesday 03 December

gosurveysqA call has gone out to all Go developers, past and present and future, to participate in the fourth annual survey conducted on behalf of You have until December 15th to provide your opinions and to encourage other Go devs to do so. 

PHP 7.4 Gets Foreign Function Interface  
Monday 02 December

phplogoThe latest version of PHP has been released with improvements including typed properties, arrow functions, and a foreign function interface.  

Helm 3.0 Released  
Monday 02 December

helmHelm 3.0 has been released with Tiller removed and the Helm Go SDK refactored for general use. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes designed to allow developers and operators to more easily package, configure, and deploy applications and services onto Kubernetes clusters. 

Go Master Retires Citing AI Supremacy  
Sunday 01 December

seedolbefore2South Korean Go master Lee Sedol, the only human ever to score a win against AlphaGo, Google Deep Mind's AI Go player, has retired from the game on the grounds that, however well he plays, there is no longer any prospect of beating AI. 

A Tee Is Not Just For Xmas - Ten Top Tees  
Saturday 30 November

trustmeProgrammer gifts - easy idea, difficult implementation.  We have ten top fun tee-shirts for giving, buying or just wearing at any time of the year. 

Have Your Say In The Kotlin Survey  
Friday 29 November

kotlinlogoKotlin is a young language, but one that is very definitely on the fast track. To help it develop in the right direction, Android and iOS developers who use Kotlin are being asked to take part in the first Kotlin-specific survey.

Julia Improves Multithreading  
Thursday 28 November

julialogo1Julia has a new release with support for multi-threading and the ability to add methods to an abstract type. Julia recently made it into the top six languages for machine learning projects on GitHub. 

Racket 7.5 Changes License  
Thursday 28 November

racketsqRacket has been updated and is being released under a new, less-restrictive license: either the Apache 2.0 license or the MIT license. The new release also adds a standard JSON MIME type for the Web Server. 



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