November Week 4
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Saturday, 30 November 2019

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 21 - 27 November 2019


Featured Articles

Programmer's Guide To Theory - NP & Co-NP

cover600As well as how long it takes to do a computation, you can also ask questions about how hard verification of a supposed answer is and this leads us on to the class of problems called NP – perhaps currently the most interesting of all. This is an extract from the new book by I Programmer founder, Dr Mike James


Deep C# - What's The Matter With Pointers?  

pointerBack in the days when C was the language of choice, pointers meant programming and vice versa. Now in the more sophisticated and abstract days of C#, and even C++, raw pointers are a facility that is provided but not really encouraged. Are pointers really as bad as the Goto?  

Book Review of the Week

David Conrad awarded this book a rating of 3 out of 5 explaining:

This is a book that a small select group of readers is going to find life changing. If it manages to provide a peek at what can be done, and even the smallest clue as to how it is done, then it's a worthwhile book. However, some readers are going to find the approach tedious. Only buy it if you are ready to follow the instructions to the letter - i.e. behave like a computer - or if you just want to dip in and see how things work.


New Listings in Book Watch   


Microsoft Tools Up For Voice Era  
Wednesday 27 November

powerbotMicrosoft has released a public preview of a tool for building chatbots as well as revamping and renaming Microsoft Flow as Power Automate. 


What Eats Your Programming Time  
Wednesday 27 November

actvestreportActiveState has published the results of its 2019 Developer Survey with the title "Open Source Runtime Pains". It provides interesting insights into the challenges faced by coders when working with open source runtimes.  


Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers
Tuesday 26 November

kubernetesIf you are interested in using containers, in particular Kubernetes, Digital Ocean has provided a  self paced, and free, community curriculum and there's also a  fun introduction from the Cloud Native Foundation. 


OpenJDK 8 To Get JDK Flight Recorder  
Tuesday 26 November

correttoThe JDK Flight Recorder is being made available for OpenJDK 8 thanks to work to backport it by open source contributors. The recorder can be used to monitor JVM performance without incurring high overheads, and was already available for OpenJDK 11. 


Google Offers Bug Bounty Up to $1.5 Million  
Monday 25 November

pixel4Google has announced a new bug bounty of $1 million for a full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence which compromises the Titan M secure element on Pixel devices. This can be boosted to $1.5 million for exploits found on specific developer preview versions of Android. 


Facebook Moves To Visual Studio Code  
Monday 25 November

vscode1Facebook has announced that Visual Studio Code is now the platform of choice for its developers, in conjunction with internal extensions based on Facebook's own Nuclide development environment. 


Sea-Thru Removes Water From Undersea Images  
Sunday 24 November

seeviewafterUnderwater photography suffers from a challenging problem - the colors are distorted. The Sea-thru method of color correction acts to "remove the water” to reveal images with all their inherent vibrancy, saturation and color restored. 


DNA-Net - Machine Learning for Designer Offspring?  
Saturday 23 November

facesgansqWant to know what your offspring with a given other might look like? Now a neural network can tell you. But do you really want to know?


Hour of Code Aiming for a Billion Served in 2019  
Friday 22 November

hocsqThere's a new theme for this year's Hour of Code. While anyone can engage in an Hour of Code activity at any time, Its prime time is in Computer Science Education Week, which takes place December 9-15, 2019 with thousands of events planned around the world. 


PostgREST Turns PostGRE RESTful  
Thursday 21 November

postgrestPostgREST,  a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API has been updated with improvements to full text search and support for embedding views. 


The Raku Beginner Tutorial   Thursday 21 November

If you want to get to grips with Raku, formerly Perl 6, there is a 30- part YouTube playlist to get you started with it. 




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