November Week 1
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Saturday, 09 November 2019

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October 31 - November 6, 2019 

Featured Articles 

JavaScript Canvas: Text, Typography & SVG

text3For a Canvas object, drawing text is just another path to render. You can select a font and then render the shapes or glyphs it defines using stroke and fill methods. Going beyond this there are a lot of ways of positioning glyphs that control the typography and this is very specialized. In this extract from a chapter in my new book on JavaScript Graphics we look at how it works.


Getting Started With NetLogo

StartNetLogo is fine-tuned for particular types of application - agent-based simulation. However, it really is a language that deserves to be better known in the wider programming community simply because there are some applications that it is perfect for and not to use it would be taking the long way round.


Book Review of the Week

Although Lucy Black has reservations about creating apps for iOS, she thinks Swift is the best way to do it. Awarding this book a rating of 4 out of 5 she concludes it will suit novice developers who are willing to look things up online to supplement it. 


New Listings in Book Watch    



Visual Studio Online Is VS Code   Wednesday 06 November

vsonlineMicrosoft has just announced the availability of Visual Studio Online. What do you think this might be? If you think it's Visual Studio, but online, you would be wrong. Is Microsoft doing this on purpose? I hope so ...


Amazon's Alexa Turns 5   Wednesday 06 November

alexa5sqAmazon launched Alexa on November 6, 2014 which makes her  5 years old today. Thanks to developers, who have built more than 100,000 custom skills, Alexa is now capable of much more than playing music and providing timers and Amazon has established itself as the leader in voice-first technology.


SQl Server 2019 Now Generally Available   Wednesday 06 November

sqlserverlogoMicrosoft has announced that SQL Server 2019 is now generally available. The new version has more support for running on Linux and in containers, and improved PolyBase technology.


Edge - Can A New Logo Change Its Fortunes   Tuesday 05 November

edgelogoThe new version of Microsoft's Edge browser, which is being built on Chromium OS,  is planned for release early next year. Its new logo has a "swoopy" design was meant to “capture the waves of innovation” that the new browser intends to deliver.


Facebook Releases Detectron2   Tuesday 05 November

detectronFacebook AI Research has released a new version of its Detectron software that implements object-detection algorithms. The new version is powered by the PyTorch deep learning framework, and has new features including panoptic segmentation, densepose, Cascade R-CNN, and rotated bounding boxes.


CockroachCloud Enters Beta   Monday 04 November

cockroachdbCockroach Labs has announced the beta of CockroachCloud, a self-service, fully managed version of CockroachDB. 


Google Buys Fitbit   Monday 04 November

fitbitaGoogle is buying Fitbit, the wearable devices company, for $2.1 billion. Google's own offering in the wearable market, Wear OS, has been unsuccessful in breaking into the smartwatch market.


GANalyze - What Makes Pictures Memorable?   Sunday 03 November

GANalyzesqWhile we can readily distinguish between more memorable and less memorable images, it's difficult to pin down exactly what affects this perception. Researchers at MIT have devised GANalyze to investigate what changes in “memorability" look like?


The Days Of Bitcoin Mining Are Nearly Over   Saturday 02 November

cryptocurrencyWe are reaching peak Bitcoin and this is going to change the whole ecosystem. Some even think that it could be the end of Bitcoin as we know it.


Python Developers Survey 2019 Wants Your Input   Friday 01 November

python3Python Software Foundation and JetBrains are again asking Python Developers to spending ten minutes contributing answers to a set of well constructed questions. This is the third edition of the survey and its results will undoubtedly provide a helpful overview of the Python landscape. 


New Microsoft Q&A Platform   Friday 01 November

microsoftqasqMicrosoft Q&A, launched this week as an extension of, is intended to become the place to get answers to technical questions on Microsoft products and services. But will it be welcomed as a replacement for the MSDN and Technet Forums?


Alexa Gadgets Skills Kit Available Across The Globe   Thursday 31 October

ALEXAGADGETSSQAmazon has announced that the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit is now available in all locales where Alexa-enabled devices are sold. Use it to participate in the Lego Mindstorms Voice Challenge.


Netflix Releases Polynote   Wednesday 30 October

polynoteNetflix has released a new open source software tool called Polynote that's a polyglot notebook with first-class Scala support, Apache Spark integration, with multi-language interoperability including with Scala, Python, and SQL.




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