October Week 1
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Saturday, 12 October 2019

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October 3 - 9, 2019 

The Core

JavaScript Canvas - Image Processing   Monday 07 October

embossYou can use Canvas to draw new graphics or you can load existing images and process them at the pixel level. In this extract from a chapter in my new book on JavaScript Graphics we look at how it works.


Modern Java - Writing Code
Thursday 03 October

largecoverUsing ifs and loops is one of the most difficult parts of learning how to program. Our beginners introduction to Java reaches the part all programmers have to know and know well - how to write code. 


Book Review of the Week

  • Data Cleaning Pocket Primer

  • Alex Armstrong recommends this slim volume to  data scientists committed to Linux or Mac OS. Awarding a rating of 4.5 out of 5 he concludes:
    If you want to follow the Linux/Mac OS command line route and are looking for something about bash,  grep, sed and awk, then this is a good pocket book to have. 


New Listings in Book Watch    


Copied Code Is Vulnerable Code  
Wednesday 09 October

stackvulnWe all look up code online and then modify it and incorporate it into our programs, but is this a safe practice? New research suggests that it most definitely isn't. 

Project Jacquard Products Materialize  
Wednesday 09 October

jacquardtagGoogle's Project Jacquard has finally launched wearables that seem stylish and incorporate technology in an appropriate and practical manner. Your choices are an Yves St Laurent backpack and range of Levi's jackets for both men and women. 

Apache Rya Becomes Top Level Project  
Tuesday 08 October

ryaApache Rya has become an Apache top level project. Rya is a  cloud-based big data triple store (subject-predicate-object) database used to process queries in milliseconds. 

Coursera Professional Certificates In AI  
Tuesday 08 October

IBMAIsqMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks - not only do we trip over them at every other turn, the message that they are the way of the future is constantly reiterated. Coursera, in partnership with IBM now has two Professional Certificates for those who want an AI credential or to embark on an AI career. 

Transformers Offers NLP For TensorFlow and PyTorch  
Monday 07 October

transformersA Python library offering Natural Language Processing for TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch has been released by HuggingFace. 

We Need To Talk About Alexa  
Monday 07 October

echodotand all the other smart speakers. A new study attempts to characterize our relationship with these comparative newcomers to the tech ecosystem. 

Google Comics Factory Makes ML Easy  
Sunday 06 October

frame3A comic strip approach to machine learning? Could it possibly work? The hero is a cat, so of course it can. 

Think Like A Coder
Saturday 05 October

tededep1sqTED-Ed has a new resource to interest kids in coding. It's an animated story, the first episode of which lasts less than seven minutes and introduces for, next, and while loops. 

Microsoft Drags Its Feet On C++ for .NET Core  
Friday 04 October

cplusA recent blog post promises that C++/CLI will be available in the next version of .NET Core. but this begs the question of why it isn't available in this version of .NET Core. Does C++ love .NET? 

Cloudera Extends Apache HBase To Use Amazon S3  
Friday 04 October

clouderaCloudera has updated Cloudera Data Platform to provide a way for Apache HBase deployments to use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as its main persistence layer for saving table data. 

Mozilla Adds Video Shorts For Web Developers
Thursday 03 October

firefoxvidshortsqMozilla Developer has a new YouTube Channel where you will find videos to help you do your job as a web designer, developer, or person involved making websites or web apps. 

Node Version Manager For Node.js Released  
Thursday 03 October

openjsThe OpenJS Foundation has announced that Node Version Manager (nvm), has been taken in as a project by the foundation. Nvm is a POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active Node.js versions. 


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