September Week 5
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Saturday, 05 October 2019

On I Programmer we not only bring you the news, we provide the information you need to make the most of it. Our featured article this week is a case in point. Having recently reported that WPF is now part of .NET Core, Mike James has rustled up an article on Getting Started with Windows Presentation Foundation. We also have more book recommendations, this time on Web Design and Development.

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September 26 -  October 2, 2019


The Core

Getting To Know Windows Presentation Foundation
Thursday 26 September

button5WPF was, and is, Microsoft's second generation UI framework. It went through a period where its future was uncertain, but now it's back and part of .NET Core. What could be a better time to get started using it?

Programmer's Bookshelf

Web Design And Development - More Books  
Sunday 29 September

webWe recently looked at our top picks for books on Web Development and Design using HTML and CSS. While HTML and CSS are deservedly popular, there are alternatives for Web design and development, and we've covered many over the years. This programmer's bookshelf looks at books that are still aimed at web designers and developers, but using other programs and techniques. 


Book Review of the Week

 Alex Armstrong awarded a rating of 4 out of 5 concluding:
If you want a bit more than a bluffer's guide to crypto this is a well-written and well-presented book. If you take the time to read it you won't be a crypto expert, but you will be more than the average bluffer trying to convince the world they know what they are talking about. 


New Listings in Book Watch    



TensorFlow 2 Offers Faster Model Training  
Wednesday 02 October

tensorflowThere's a new version of Google TensorFlow with faster model training and a move to Keras as the central high-level API used to build and train models. 

Google Play Pass - A New Opportunity For Devs  
Wednesday 02 October

googleplaypassqGoogle is introducing Play Pass, a new  subscription service offering access to hundreds of apps and games, completely free of ads and in-app purchases. What does it mean for devs? 

$30,000 For Rule 30  
Wednesday 02 October

rule30siteStephen Wolfram has just announced a prize for three proofs concerning Rule 30. What is Rule 30 and why is it so interesting? 

Free C#, .NET And ASP.NET Videos  
Tuesday 01 October

freenetcorevidThere's a new collection of free videos on C#, .NET and ASP.NET by Scott Hanselman, Microsoft Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools. 

Find A DevFest Near You  
Tuesday 01 October

devfestmapOctober is with us and October is the main month for DevFests although November has almost as many and there are still some to come in December. You might be surprised how many events there are this year. 

Developer's Facility Used To Create Open Apple App Store   Monday 30 September

altstoreAltStore - cute name - is an alternative to the App store that you can use to install programs that are not under the control of Apple - and all without jailbreaking your phone. How can the walled garden be breached so easily? 

Nim Reaches 1.0   Monday 30 September

nimThe Nim Team has announced version 1.0 of the language. Nim is a compiled statically typed language focusing on efficiency, readability and flexibility, and the developers say Version 1.0 marks the beginning of a stable base and that future versions of Nim won’t break the code you have written with the current version. 

What Does Computer Science Have To Do With Climate Change?   Sunday 29 September

arweatherA recent meeting of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum considered climate change and what computer science has to offer with regard to understanding and fixing the problem. Computer science? Yes, you heard right. 

Atlas the Gymnast, Spot the Quadruped  
Saturday 28 September

atlasspotIt's been quiet at Boston Dynamics for too long. Atlas breaks the silence as Spot becomes available to buy. Don't miss seeing what Atlas can now do - it could be scary. 

CodeSearchNet Challenge To Improve Semantic Code Search   Friday 27 September

CoadeSearchNetAs developers we are only too aware of the difficulty of finding relevant code using a natural language query. Now GitHub has released a large dataset of code and natural language comment  with the aim of furthering research on semantic code search together with a CodeSearchNet Challenge leaderboard to encourage participation. 

Graph Query Language Gets Official Adoption  
Friday 27 September

gqlThe international ISO committee responsible for the SQL standard has voted to make GQL (Graph Query Language) a new official database query language. 

Udacity Scholarships In Data, AI and Cloud Computing   Thursday 26 September

bertelsmannudacitysqApplications are now open for the initial phase of the Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship program. This will result in 15,000 scholarship recipients participating in Challenge Courses focused on either Data, AI, or Cloud that will run from November to March 2020. 

Facebook Open Sources Natural Language Processing Model   Thursday 26 September

fbFacebook has made a new natural language processing model called RoBERTA available as open source. The model is an optimized version of Google's BERT model. 


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