September Week 2
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Saturday, 14 September 2019

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September 5 - 11, 2019 

The Core

Fundamental C - Simple Arrays  
Monday 09 September

CbookcoverThis extract, from Harry Fairhead's recent book on programming C in an IoT context, explains the basics of the C array. This is not as simple as in other languages because it is so simple.


JavaScript Data Structures - The Linked List  
Thursday 05 September

datastructJavaScript may not have pointers but it has everything you need to construct sophisticated data structures if you think about things in the right way. In this article Ian Elliot implements a classical linked list structure. 


Book Review of the Week

In his review Mike James awarded a top 5-star rating, concluding:

This is an easy introduction to OpenGL, well about as easy as a complex topic can get. The ideas are introduced in plain language and there are diagrams to help. The programs also help make the point of what exactly is being proposed - be prepared to read them in detail and you'll also find the code on the CD. 


New Listings in Book Watch   


Apple Promotes Own Apps Before Yours  
Wednesday 11 September

appstoreiconWe have been putting up with the walled gardens of the app stores for a long time. Some think they are an advantage; some not so much. What we tend to ignore is that with the fox in charge of the hen house, things can be arranged to work against the hens. 

IEEE Puts Python Top  
Wednesday 11 September

ieeespecsqIEEE Spectrum has published its sixth annual interactive ranking of the top programming languages. Looking at the languages in the top positions you may experience a sense of deja vu. Python comes top followed by Java, C and C++. 

Final Release of Python 2.17 Scheduled Beyond Its End of Life   Tuesday 10 September

montyWith official support for Python 2.7 scheduled to end on January 1st, 2020, a FAQ to help people still using Python 2 has been added to the Python website. Details of the very final releases of Python 2.7 have also been made public. 

COBOL Turns 60, Still Won't Die  
Tuesday 10 September

cobol60COBOL is 60 years old this month, and is still going strong in a surprising range of organizations. It's unavoidable -whenver you phone a call center, transfer money, check your account, or ship a parcel, you are likely interacting with COBOL. 

Isaac Computer Science - Free Online Resource For A-Level   Monday 09 September

isaaccssqIsaac Computer Science is a new online platform for teachers and students. It is targeted at the UK's A Level (pre-university) exams but is likely to be helpful to a wider audience of individual learners.  

Kite - AI Powered Auto Completion for Python  
Monday 09 September

Productivity is not just associated with saving keystrokes but it comes from making smart suggestions too. This is something that Kite does with its new AI-powered Intelligent Snippets.

DeepMind Solves Quantum Chemistry  
Sunday 08 September

NobelchemThe best known applications of neural networks are in AI - vision, speech and game playing - but they have serious applications in science and engineering. Google's DeepMind has trained a neural network to solve Schrodinger's equation and this is potentially big news. 

The 42 Question Answered By Planet-Sized Computer   Saturday 07 September

cubesOK, I couldn't resist the headline. The truth is that 42 is the sum of three cubes. If it doesn't sound as exciting to you, then all I can say is that you don't understand - yet. 

Top Free Online Computer Science Courses  
Friday 06 September

September is widely considered the "back to school month". If you are considering enrolling in an online class the problem is there are so many options to choose from. We've rounded up the top best free courses that we've covered over the past years, all of them still available. 

Facebook Launches DeepFake Detection Challenge  
Friday 06 September

deepfakeFacebook is teaming up with Microsoft and academics to create a Deepfake Detection Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to produce technology that can be used by anyone to detect when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer. 

Static TypeScript Launched  
Thursday 05 September

typescriptlogoResearchers from Microsoft have shown off Static TypeScript (STS), a subset of TypeScript aimed at use on embedded programming platforms. 

Go 1.13 Modernizes Number Literals  
Thursday 05 September

goblack 1The latest six-monthly update to Go has been released with a more uniform and modernized set of number literal prefixes. 


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