September Week 1
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Saturday, 07 September 2019

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August 29 - September 4, 2019 

The Core

Can Regular Expressions Be Safely Reused Across Languages?   Monday 02 September

regex-logoThat is, can I reuse a regular expression crafted in JavaScript verbatim in Python? In doing so, will I get the same results and performance? Enter your languages of interest in place of JavaScript and Python, the question remains the same. 


Babbage's Bag

Dates Are Difficult   Thursday 29 August

unixdateDate and times follow their own regularities, and they have nothing at all to do with binary, or even simple decimal, counting. First, clock and watch makers had to find ways of working with hours, minutes, seconds;  and then programmers had to find ways that were much simpler. Join us on a quick tour of the time and date system and how it can be mastered using the mod function. 


Book Review of the Week  


Ian Elliot awarded a rating of 4.5 out of 5 to this updated version of a popular tome in the distinctive Muraach double-page format covering  core web technologies.


New Listings in Book Watch  





Firefox 69 - New Features But Still Not Caught Up?   Wednesday 04 September

mozillalogoThere is a move towards preferring the Firefox browser, especially by programmers and those in the know, because of Chrome's increasingly anti-privacy choices, but is Firefox keeping up with the modern web? 

Android 10 - Dark Theme White Statue  
Wednesday 04 September

Android10statueAndroid 10 has arrived, bringing a new statue to Google's Mountain View HQ. As developers we need to be aware of privacy changes and behaviour changes as well as its new features and APIs. 

Google Extends Bug Bounty To Third Party Apps  
Tuesday 03 September

androidlogoGoogle is extending its bug bounty scheme to third party apps in the Google Play Store. The reward will apply to problems found in any app that has more than 100 million installs. 

All You Wanted To Know About AI From DeepMind  
Tuesday 03 September

hannahfrysqThe DeepMind podcast is hosted Dr Hannah Fry and attempts to give answers to the most frequently encountered questions about Artificial Intelligence. 

PHP Is Best?   Monday 02 September

phplogoThe creator of PHP speaks out to explain and defend his creation. If you have ever criticized PHP, or have avoided it because others have, it might be time to give it a second chance. 

Dqlite extends SQLite To Clusters  
Monday 02 September

dqliteA distributed database that extends SQlite across clusters of machines has recently been updated to a 1.0 branch. 

Inside Bill's Brain - A Bill Gates Documentary On Netflix   Sunday 01 September

billbrainiconBill Gates - love him or hate him you have to admit that he is interesting. In fact, interesting enough for a three-part documentary on Netflix. 

AI Learns To Solve Rubik's Cube - Fast!  
Saturday 31 August

rubikdoodleYes, this is another "AI masters a game or puzzle" piece of news, but this one is surprising. Having learned to solve a logical problem, AI turns in a performance that typically not only beats a human, but is as good as hand-crafted methods. 

Perl 6 To Become Raku?  
Friday 30 August

Rumours of a name change for Perl 6 seem to have been correct - or are they? Perl 6 could probably go down in history as the most dithery language of all time. 

TypeScript 3.6 Generators Get Stricter  
Friday 30 August

typescriptlogoTypeScript has been updated with stricter generators, improvements to the UX around Promises, and an improved TypeScript playground. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static types which can be checked by the TypeScript compiler to catch common errors in your programs. 

Kotlin 1.3 Adds Duration And Time API  
Thursday 29 August

kotlinlogoThe latest release of Kotlin, the open source language originated by JetBrains as "a better Java", is available with a new Duration and Time Measurement API, as well as an improved Java-to-Kotlin converter. 

Facebook Awards $100K Prize For Code Isolation Using MPKs   Thursday 29 August

prizewinnersA six-person team of data scientists has been awarded this year's $100K Internet Defense Prize by Facebook. The team developed a new hardware-enforced isolation technique for sensitive state and data using memory protection keys. 


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