July Week 5
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Saturday, 03 August 2019

If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the IProgrammer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest and to gather and review the books you might want to read. This week's articles explore Execution Context in JavaScript and Objects and Interfaces in Go.

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July 25 - 31, 2019 

The Core

Just JavaScript - Execution Context   Monday 29 July

JustJavaScriptSmallClosures are logical but subtle and you need to make sure that you really understand them. This is made easier if you think about a closure as a preserved execution context.  In this extract from my recent book the emphasis is on when functions share that context.


A Programmer's Guide To Go Part 2 - Objects And Interfaces   Thursday 25 July

goicon2In the second part of our mini-series on Google's alternative to C, it is time to come face to face with Go's most interesting features - objects and interfaces. 


Book Review of the Week  

  • Programming Skills for Data Science

  • Mike James awarded a full 5-star rating , to this book recommending it to would-be data scientists who are looking for a programmer's guide to R. 

New Listings in Book Watch  



Too Much Py In PyPI  
Wednesday 31 July

pypisqThere is a move to reduce the amount of code in the Python standard library - to remove the dead or dying batteries. The suggestion is that the PyPI package library could take the strain. New research suggests that there might be some difficulties in this. 

Enrollment Open for New Java Developer Nanodegree   Wednesday 31 July

blueudacityJava? I hear you say. Does this old horse stand a chance in the era of cool programming languages? Yes indeed says Nikos Vaggalis who is about to embark on Udacity's latest nanodegree in order to give us an Insider's Guide. 

MDN Now Built With React  
Tuesday 30 July

mdnMozilla Developer Network, generally referred to as MDN, has been rewritten using React. MDN is Mozilla's multilingual resource for web documentation. 

Learn Kotlin Online In 25 Hours  
Tuesday 30 July

A course introducing Kotlin to experienced Java developers with Kotlin's lead developer as one of the instructors is available on the Coursera platform. Sounds too good to miss. So we tried it. 

Mob Programming - The Next Big Thing?  
Monday 29 July

mobYou will have heard of pair programming when two programmers team up to work on the same problem. Now there is mob programming which is pair programming raised to the power of however many people you can throw at it. But does it work? 

Microsoft Open Sources Natural Language Processing Tool   Monday 29 July

cloudMicrosoft has open sourced BrowseCloud, an AI-based application that summarizes feedback data via smart word clouds, called counting grids. The application supports creating custom visualizations with your own data set and correlates metadata with topics. 

SIGGRAPH 2019 Kicks Off  
Sunday 28 July

chocbunnySiggraph 2019 started today and runs to August 1st. No doubt there will be some interesting things to look at. Here is a preview of what is on offer. 

Neurons Are Two-Layer Networks  
Saturday 27 July

neuron2Recent results have confirmed that the neuron is more than just a single active unit. Its connections do a computation that makes it a two-layer network in its own right. Perhaps the brain is far more capable a machine than we ever imagined. 

LinkedIn Open Sources Data Streaming Tool  
Friday 26 July

brooklinLinkedIn has open-sourced its tool for streaming data between systems. Brooklin is described as a distributed service for streaming data in near real-time and at scale. 

Go Rejects The Syntactic Sugar Of Try  
Friday 26 July

goicon1Languages are a matter of fashion and style - and I'm not being rude, well perhaps about the fashion part. The point is there are features that fit with a language's style and ethos and there are features that don't. Recently the Go community rejected a little syntactic sugar that could have made error handling much easier. 

Facebook Releases AI Mapping Tools  
Thursday 25 July

fbmap2Facebook has released a collection of map-editing services and tools called Map with AI. The collection has been developed in conjunction with OpenStreetMap and includes an editor interface, RapiD, which can be used to review, verify, and adjust the map as needed. 

Microsoft Adds New Azure SDKs  
Thursday 25 July

azureMicrosoft has released a new set of SDKs that developers can use to work with Azure Storage,  Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Event Hubs. The SDKs can be used from Java, Python, JavaScript or TypeScript, and .NET. 


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