July Week 3
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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Every day for over 10 years I Programmer has had new material written by programmers, for programmers. Each week our digest gives a handy summary of the latest content, which this week includes an exploration of bit manipulation in JavaScript and an explanation of Pivot Tables in Excel. While you are on the site there's plenty more, whatever topics  you are interested in.

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June 11 - 17, 2019    


The Core

JavaScript Bit Manipulation  
Thursday 11 July

datastructBit manipulation in JavaScript is complicated by the way it attempts to be type-free, but it can be done. In this extract from my forthcoming book, we take a look at how to work with bits in a browser. 

Swift's Spreadsheets

The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables for Beginners  
Monday 15 July

fig16Pivot tables are one of Excel's most powerful features. Used in the context of data processing a Pivot table can be used to summarize, sort, reorganize, group, count, total or average data stored in a database. For time-saving, efficient pivot tables that help create outstanding reports, here’s the ultimate guide to using pivot tables. 

Book Review of the Week

  • 3D Printing: An Introduction

    Harry Fairhead gave a rating of 3 out of 5, concluding:
    There seems to be not enough to explain about actually how to 3D-print to fill a reasonably size book. There are some good things in this book, but there is also a lot of waffle that you could mostly do without. Buy it if you dream of getting involved in 3D printing, but probably won't actually get round to it - the photos are nice.


New Listings in Book Watch  




Huawei's Confused OS - ArkOS, LiteOS, HongMeng, Harmony...   Wednesday 17 July

huaweiiconFrom a technical point of view you have to feel sorry for Huawei. Headed for mobile phone dominance it had the rug pulled out from under its feet with the withdrawal of Android. So what to do?  A new operating system? But which, what, where? Confusion reigns. 

Celebrate World Emoji Day  
Wednesday 17 July

wemojiIt's World Emoji Day, when apparently there's a 'global celebration of emojis', along with emoji events and awards for various categories of emoji. If your response is a cynical 'seriously?', #WorldEmojiDay was apparently Twitter's top trending item in 2015, proving either that this really is a thing, or that Twitter users have finally lost the plot. 

Google Launches Local Home SDK  
Tuesday 16 July

googlesmartGoogle has released a developer preview of a JavaScript SDK for Local Home. The SDK provides an easier way for developers to connect users' home devices to Google Assistant and to run their actions locally.

Finland's "Full Stack Open" Now Available in English   Tuesday 16 July

fullstackopenlogoFinland's educational system is famous for three reasons: its pedagogical outlook, its technological excellence and its openness to the world.  

Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL Generally Available  
Monday 15 July

awslogoThe PostgreSQL-compatible edition of Aurora Serverless is now generally available, offering an alternative to the MySQL version. 

Babel Adds Ability To Parse F# Like Pipelines  
Monday 15 July

babelThe latest version of JavaScript compiler Babel 7.5 has been released with the ability to parse and transpile F# and similar pipelines. Support has also been added for dynamic imports, as well as experimental support for TypeScript namespaces. 

Seeking Ramanujan - Intuition As Algorithm  
Sunday 14 July

resultThis is an interesting story if you are into math and computing.  The Ramanujan Machine seeks inspired formulas for the fundamental constants. This potentially tells us something about the constants and, perhaps, the nature of computation. 

GANPaint: Using AI For Art  
Saturday 13 July

What if tools powered by Neural Networks could save artists considerable amounts of time, or even enrich their work?  

Mozilla Not An Internet Villain But Still Criticized  
Friday 12 July

ipsasqWhen ISPA, a organization that considers itself the voice of the UK Internet Industry, nominated Mozilla for its 2019 Internet Villain Award, it unleashed a barrage of complaints. This led it to withdraw not just the nomination but also the entire category.  

Microsoft Open Sources AI Debugging Tool  
Friday 12 July

tensorwatchMicrosoft has released TensorWatch, an AI debugging and visualization tool, under open source on GitHub. TensorWatch can be used to create custom visualizations, UIs and dashboards. 

PyRobot - Python for Robotics  
Thursday 11 July

pyrobotsqWe've grown accustomed to hearing about Python being used for pretty much everything, albeit mostly for data science. It's time to consider it for robotics too.  

Google Releases Open Source Cryptographic Tool  
Thursday 11 July

googlecryptGoogle has made available an open-source cryptographic tool called Private Join and Compute. The tool uses secure multi-party computation (MPC) to augment the core PSI protocol. 


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