July Week 1
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Saturday, 06 July 2019

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June 30 - July 3, 2019

The Core

Applying C - Kernel Mode, User Mode & Syscall  
Monday 01 July

ACcoverWhen writing C for Linux/POSIX operating systems the syscall is how your program communicates what it needs to happen. Find out how it works. This extract is from Harry Fairhead's second book on C in an IoT context. 

Babbage's Bag

Prime Numbers And Primality Testing
Thursday 27 June

programTesting to see if a number is a prime or not is the basis of many encryption and security methods. It has long been assumed that there is no fast way, i.e no polynomial time method, to determine if a number is prime, but now we know different. 

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The GeckoView Alternative To WebView  
Wednesday 03 July

geckoviewIf you have used WebView in any of your Android projects, you might know that it has some limitations. Now you have a choice as GeckoView can do everything it can and more. 

Boeing 737 MAX - Software Outsourcing Criticized   Wednesday 03 July

boeringsmAfter more software flaws were discovered in the Boeing MAX software last week, it has emerged that the software was developed at a time when Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut software costs. 

Intel Developing Data Parallel C++  
Tuesday 02 July

intelIntel has announced that it is developing a new programming language as part of its One API initiative. Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) will be a new direct programming language. 

JavaScript Q&A - Extend Your Knowledge  
Tuesday 02 July

JSlogoA set of multiple choice JavaScript questions to test (and expand) your knowledge is available on GitHub. The questions range from basic to advanced. 

Trends In AI Jobs Landscape  
Monday 01 July

topaijobsqArtificial Intelligence looms ever larger in every sphere and while it is expected to reduce employment in some areas, from fruit picking to truck driving to anything with clerk in its title, this is going to be more than balanced by new jobs in emerging technologies. The analytics team at Indeed.com has been looking into these new opportunities. 

GitHub Adds New Code Security Features  
Monday 01 July

githubdeklogoGitHub has introduced new features designed to keep code secure with the addition of WhiteSource data to security vulnerability alerts, and dependency insights.  

iRobot Roots For Root Robot  
Sunday 30 June

rootsq2To further its role in STEM education, iRobot has acquired Root, the educational robot originally developed by the Wyss Institute at Harvard and then launched as a commercial product after a successful Kickstarter. 

Inspired By Babbage  
Saturday 29 June

Analytical Engine ManchesterAn iconic fragment of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, constructed by his son Henry, goes on display in July during the Manchester International Festival alongside an interactive art experience inspired by Babbage. 

Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Service  
Friday 28 June

azblocklogoMicrosoft has announced a preview of a fully-managed blockchain service. Azure Blockchain Service is designed to make it easier to set up, manage and control consortium blockchain networks so businesses can focus on workflow logic and application development. 

GNOME's Wonderful Year  
Friday 28 June

gnomesqThe GNOME's Foundation's 2018 Annual Report has been published and paints a very positive picture. GNOME's financial position improved dramatically thanks to two large donations. 

Google Earth In The Browser With WebAssembly  
Thursday 27 June

earth2WebAssembly is about the most exciting thing going on at the moment and is certain to be the next big thing - if it isn't already. Now Google has demonstrated what is possible by porting Earth to the browser in WebAssembly. 

PyPI Increases Security  
Thursday 27 June

pypisqThe team developing PyPI, the Python Package Index, is adding WebAuthn support as a new beta feature. The support for U2F compatible hardware security keys will enable PyPI to offer a two-factor authentication login security method, work on which has been funded by a grant from the Open Technology Fund. 


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