June Week 1
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Saturday, 08 June 2019

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May 30 - June 5, 2019     

The Core

Android Programming In Java: Programming the UI   Monday 03 June

androidJavaSmallYou can create an Android UI using code rather than XML but this isn't as well known. Here's how to do it in Java, in an extract from my published book  Android Programming in Java: Starting With An App .



Computer Languages by Committee - the 1960s  
Thursday 30 May

CobolThe 1960s saw the growth of interest in computer languages but, unlike today where successful languages are often designed by small teams and even single-minded enthusiasts, this was the decade of the committee - language by design and consensus.



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Enterprise Java Moving to Cloud Native  
Wednesday 05 June

jakartaeeThe 2019 Jakarta EE Developer Survey has insights not only into adoption of Jakarta EE, but the state of Java as a whole. It also charts Jakarta EE's move towards cloud native. 

Apple App Dev Catches Up?
Wednesday 05 June

appstoreiconApple's announcements at WWDC19 sound great and the press release does a lot to make it all sound like a breakthrough that will eventually trickle down to us, less fortunate, non-Apple devs. But is it really? 

Amazon Open Sources Python Library for AWS Glue   Tuesday 04 June

athenaAmazon has open-sourced a Python library known as Athena Glue Service Logs (AGSlogger) that makes it easier to parse log formats into AWS Glue for analysis and is intended for use with AWS service logs. 

Udacity Goes Further With Autonomous Vehicles  
Tuesday 04 June

Undacity has added a new Nanodegree to its growing portfolio. This one is for a role, Sensor Fusion Engineer, that is so cutting edge you probably haven't come across it before. Read on to find out what's involved. 

Racket Improves JSON Speed  
Monday 03 June

racketsqRacket 7.3 has been released with improvements to Racket-on-Chez and a much faster JSON reader.  

Artificial Intelligence for K-12  
Monday 03 June

The AI for K-12 Initiative wants to kick-start the discussion on how to incorporate learning about AI in the United States school curriculum, ultimately leading to national guidelines.  

Mathematical Art
Sunday 02 June

AmArt18There is a deep affinity between math and art. There is beauty in mathematical symbols and the forms that they describe. Every year the American Mathematical Society (AMS) organizes an art exhibition and awards prizes.  

Experience the PDP-11/70 With Raspberry Pi  
Saturday 01 June

pdp1170repThe PDP-11 is widely considered the most popular minicompter. If you missed out on this phenomenon - or if you were there in the 1970s thru 1990s and are nostalgic for blinkenlights - you can buy a kit to build a replica powered with a Raspberry Pi. 

Apache Avro Adds ZStandard Support   Friday 31 May

avroApache Avro 1.9 is available, with an updated JSON reader, smaller size, and support for ZStandard compression.

Jobs Need More Than JavaScript  
Friday 31 May

JSlogoJavaScript is one of the top programming languages required for employment. However, employers are usually looking for a combination of skills. Find out what else you should add to your resume to land your next JavaScript job. 

Google To Limit Ad-blockers In Manifest V3  
Thursday 30 May

spookygoogleGoogle does seem set on its plans to remove the webRequest API and replace it by the declarativeNetRequest API. This is being justified on technical and security grounds, but the spinoff effect is that ad-blockers will find it harder to work. 

Angular 8 Adds Default Differential Loading  
Thursday 30 May

angularThe new release of Angular is here, with improvements to the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI designed to improve application startup time on modern browsers. There are also new APIs to let developers make better use of the CLI. 


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