April Week 4
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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Catch up with everything that appeared on I Programmer last week. Our digest gives links to news coverage together with the new  book review of the week and additions to Book Watch. This week Nikos Vaggalis presents an annotated analysis of the EU Commission's Ethics Guidelines For Trustworthy AI and Ian Elliot looks at Self Modifying Code in JavaScript.

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April 18 - 24, 2019  


The Core

Ethics Guidelines For Trustworthy AI  
Monday 22 April

Having seen the potential of AI, the European Commission has released a set of ongoing guidelines on how to build AIs that can be trusted by society. We present an annotated analysis. 

Javascript Jems - Self Modifying Code  
Thursday 18 April

JavaScriptJemsJavascript, being an interpreted language, can modify its own code as it runs. Self-modifying code can be dangerous but you should know about it and how it works. If you would like to experiment,  read on. 


Book Review of the Week  

Rust - it's a hit language of the moment. The language we all love to love. So what could be better than an in-depth explanation by two Rusty experts? Mike James awards a rating of 4 out of 5 in a detailed review.


New Listings in Book Watch 




How Do Open Source Deep Learning Frameworks Stack Up?   Wednesday 24 April

As the popularity of deep learning increases, finding application in all sorts of cases, so does the popularity of the various DL frameworks and libraries, making it difficult to choose between them. To provide an informed choice academic researchers devised and ran benchmarks.  

Programming Languages Not To Learn First  
Wednesday 24 April

worst19sqTurning around the usual approach of evaluating the relative popularity of programming languages, Codementor has created a ranking of the Worst Programming Languages. Top of the league of languages to avoid are Elm, CoffeeScript, Erlang, Lua, and Perl. 

Whirl Adds Local AirFlow Development Technique  
Tuesday 23 April

whirlA test environment for Apache Airflow that lets you carry out local development and testing of Apache Airflow workflows has been made available as open source. Whirl uses Docker and Docker compose to start up Apache Airflow and the other components used in your workflow. 

Run VSCode in the Browser  
Monday 22 April

Coder.com has open sourced its cloud-server component which allows VSCode to run on a remote server fully accessible through the browser.  

Discover Haskell On FutureLearn  
Monday 22 April

futurelearnsqA course on the functional programming language Haskell from the University of Glasgow recently started on the FutureLearn Platform. There's still time to join in this presentation which provides a hands-on learning experience.

Android Studio 3.4 - Trying Hard But No Bouquets  
Monday 22 April

as34It's time for another Android Studio update. It brings nothing much new, but promises that it is better. Yet my old projects still crash on update and where are the missing widgets? You have to conclude Google's Android Studio team is just not listening. 

Four Of Most Important Language Designers In Conversation   Sunday 21 April

fourlangcreateFour of the most effective language designers of our era got together in a single room and talked about their creations and how it was. This is an important video in which we hear from Guido van Rossum, James Gosling, Anders Hejlsberg and Larry Wall.

How Many Robot Dogs Do You Need To Haul A Truck?   Saturday 20 April

spot2019According to Boston Dynamics the answer is ten of its Spot robots which are on track to go on sale in July. 

Eclipse IoT Developer Survey 2019  
Friday 19 April

eclipseiotsqThe Eclipse Foundation’s IoT Working Group has released the results of its 2019 IoT Developer Survey, an annual exercise intended to deliver valuable insight into programming languages, platforms, infrastructure and tools for building IoT solutions. 

C++ Experiences Comeback In TIOBE Index  
Friday 19 April

tiobesqC++ is singled out for attention in this month's TIOBE Index.  Having been pushed out of the top three programming languages by Python last September, it has returned to its long term third position, relegating Python to fourth.  

Counting Vulnerabilities In Open Source Projects and Programming Languages   Thursday 18 April

whitesourcesqThe number of disclosed open source vulnerabilities skyrocketed in 2017, reaching a total of almost 3,500. Mozilla was the open source projects with the most vulnerabilities and C/C++ was the most vulnerable language. 

Atom 1.36 Speeds Fuzzy Find Performance  
Thursday 18 April

atomlogoAtom has been updated! Version 1.36 has better fuzzy find performance and smarter handling of editing individual files.


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