April Week 2
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Saturday, 13 April 2019

This digest gives links to our news coverage, the Book Review and additions to Book Watch, one week at a time. We start with the feature articles - an extract from Fundamental C in which Harry Fairhead looks at some aspects of data in C that makes it  different; and a history article about Konrad Zuse and his early German computers.

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April 4 - 10, 2019   

The Core

Fundamental C - Variables  
Monday 08 April

CbookcoverData is often under-regarded by programmers. It just isn't as exciting as writing the code that does something with that data. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and C in particular is a language that was designed to have data at its core - but not for the same reasons that most modern languages do This extract, from my new book on programming C in an IoT context, looks at some aspects of data in C that makes it slighly different. 


Konrad Zuse And Z1, The First Working Computer   Thursday 04 April

z1simYou may well never have heard of Konrad Zuse, but he has a better claim than most to be the man who invented the programmable computer in the sense of actually building one. He also could be the man who invented the first high-level programming language. So why don't we know more about him and what he did? 

Book Review of the Week   

Awarding a rating of 3 out of 5 to this book, Mike James writes:
The final verdict has to be that the book is good, but only for a very narrow group of readers. If you want to learn game design in an academic context using Processing you have found a book that does just this. It seems to me like a book about games that avoids having to learn a suitable language like C++ or a suitable game engine. If you actually want to create a game or move into the professional games world I doubt this has much to offer you.

New Listings in Book Watch   




Is The Walled Garden About To Close Around MacOS?   Wednesday 10 April

appstoreiconApple's grip on the walled garden that is iOS is complete, but MacOS X comes from a freer time. Are the current moves to notarization a way of building a wall around MacOS apps? It's going to be the default for new devs in 10.14.5 and for all in a future version. 

The When and How Of Learning To Code  
Wednesday 10 April

stackoverflowsqThe results of the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey are out and, as usual, provide lots of useful insights into the global developer landscape. Here we look at when devs stated coding and their, ongoing, education.  

Studio3T MongoDB GUI Adds Migration  
Tuesday 09 April

studio3tThe team behind the Studio 3T GUI and IDE for MongoDB has released a new version that includes a SQL migration tool that can be used to import multiple SQL tables into a single MongoDB collection. The import also lets you map table relationships to JSON. 

Machine Learning Engineer Rated Best Job 2019  
Tuesday 09 April

indeedpicThe job search site, Indeed.com has published its list of the twenty five best jobs in the US for 2019 and over a quarter of them are ones that are relevant to the I Programmer audience.  

Season Of Docs Opens  
Monday 08 April

seasondocThe Season of Docs program is now open to applications from organizations. Season of Docs is a project supported by Google that aims to bring open source organizations and technical writers together.

A MIT Crash Course On Hacker Tools  
Monday 08 April

MIT has provided an online version of crash course on navigating the command line, using a text editor and version control, automating mundane tasks, managing packages and software and configuring your environment.  

Knuth Prize 2019 Awarded For Contributions To Complexity Theory   Sunday 07 April

avi wigdersonIsraeli mathematician and computer scientist, Avi Wigderson, who in addition to much original work in computation and complexity theory, has trained many generations of theoretical computer scientists through his visitor and postdoc program at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, is this year’s recipient of the ACM/IEEE Donald E. Knuth Prize. 

Linus Torvalds On Linux Past, Present and Future  
Saturday 06 April

Linuxjournal25The very first issue of Linux Journal carried an interview with Linux creator, Linus Torvalds. To mark the magazine's 25th anniversary, the latest issue has a new interview that is well worth a read. 

Inventor Of GANs Joins Apple  
Friday 05 April

iangoodfellowlinIan Goodfellow has updated his LinkedIn entry to disclose that since March he has been employed by Apple as a Director of Machine Learning in the Special Projects Group. 

WebStorm Adds JavaScript Smart Intentions  
Friday 05 April

wslogoThe new 2019.1 release of WebStorm adds smart intentions for JavaScript and TypeScript, improved support for Angular, updated documentation for CSS and HTML, and a more powerful debug console. 

C++ Nanodegree From Udacity  
Thursday 04 April

CppUdacitylogoThe latest addition to Udacity's range of Nanodegrees, its hands-on, career-oriented, credentials, is a 5-month program that teaches the foundations of C++. 

Redis Adds TimeSeries And AI Support  
Thursday 04 April

redislogoRedis Labs has added two new data models to the models supported by the key-value store. The company has also added a novel programmability paradigm for multi-model operation.


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