March Week 1
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Saturday, 09 March 2019

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February 27 - March 6, 2019    


The Core

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Using Swing   Monday 04 March

coverAt the moment pure Kotlin programs that target the JVM and make no use of Java code are are rare. In this extract from the book on Kotlin by Mike James we look at how to use a general Java library - Swing - to use Java code within Kotlin programs.


JavaScript Data Structures - Typed Arrays I   Thursday 28 February

datastructJavaScript's typed arrays provide a way to work with binary data and to work with structures that would otherwise be very difficult. In this chapter from my forthcoming book we  look at the basic idea of using typed arrays - views, BufferArray and block operations.



Book Review of the Week

  • Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

    Harry Fairhead awarded this full-color book aimed at beginners to programming, electroncis and robotics a rating of 4 out of 5, saying, "This is a slim book tackling a big subject and as far as it goes it is good and fun."  He also noted that it would probably need adult supervision for younger readers. 

Additions to Book Watch   


Android WorkManager Stable Release  
Wednesday 06 March

androidworkmanJetpack is a collection of libraries that should make Android easier to use. The problem is what to do while they are maturing to a usable state. The good news is that WorkManager is now considered stable.


What's Hot In Software Engineering in 2019  
Wednesday 06 March

hired mostpoplangsqThe most popular programming languages aren't always the same ones as those that are in demand.  

GNU Octave 5.1 Adds HiDPI Support
Tuesday 05 March

octaveThere's a major new version of GNU Octave with support for HiDPI, new print options, and a range of new functions. 

Databricks Delta Adds Faster Parquet Import  
Monday 04 March

databricksThere's an updated version of Databricks Delta that improves the speed that Parquet data can be imported and has stronger merge features. The analytics engine has also been made available on Amazon AWS and Azure for Databricks users. 

End Manual Data Entry in Excel - Thanks AI!  
Monday 04 March

Manual entry of data to a spreadsheet is, or rather was, a chore. Now it is even more something that belongs to the past. Microsoft has rolled out another AI-powered feature to Excel - that of inserting data by photographing a table using your Android phone. 

Nvidia Offers New Fortran Frontend To LLVM  
Monday 04 March

nvidialogoNvidia is proposing their ground-up rewrite of the Fortran front-end for LLVM, f18, becomes an LLVM project. 

MIT's Cheetah Robots Exhibit Agility  
Sunday 03 March

minicheetahsqIf you like acrobatic feats, the new video of MIT's Mini Cheetah is worth watching. It is the first quadruped robot to perform a backflip.  

Gearing Up For Google Summer of Code  
Saturday 02 March

The mentoring organizations for the GSoC 2019 have been announced. This will be the 15th edition of Google's program to match university students to open source organizations for three month's worth of online programming experience over the summer break.

AI For Everyone Now Underway  
Friday 01 March

aiforeveryoneAndrew Ng's AI MOOC for a non-technical audience is up and running on the Coursera platform. It is intended to help organizations become better at using AI. Sounds like a good idea. We audited it to find out what it covers. 

Redis Labs Changes Open Source License  
Friday 01 March

redislogoRedis Labs has changed the way it licenses its Redis Modules, adding to the list of companies attempting to find ways to stop commercial organizations taking their products, rebranding them and selling them as services without contributing to the original creators.

EEF Calls For Supreme Court To Decide If APIs Copyrightable  
Thursday 28 February

In the latest development of the Oracle v Google lawsuit over the use of Java APIs, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed an amicus brief in support of Google's petition asking for a review by the US Supreme Court. 

MariaDB Announces New Enterprise Server  
Thursday 28 February

mariadbThere's a new version of the MariaDB database aimed at enterprise users. MariaDB Enterprise Server is designed to combine open source with enterprise features such as fine-grained auditing and end-to-end encryption.


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