July Week 1
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Saturday, 07 July 2018

If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most interesting stories. Our weekly digest starts with additions to Book Watch and book reviews and concludes with the week's articles. This week they are on improving your coding skills while playing games and the fascinating knapsack problem.

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28 June - 4 July, 2018


Book Watch

This week's additions to our ever-growing archive of newly published computer books are:     

Book Reviews

  • The Lazy Universe


    Recommending this book with a rating of 4.5 out of 5, Mike James writes: 

    OK, so it's a physics book - but it's a very interesting physics book. I'm an ex-physicist and you know what they say - there is no such thing. A large proportion of programmers are STEM educated and so this is for you.


  • Algorithms Unlocked

    Our choice this week for a book that is worth recommending today despite having been published years ago, 2013 in this instance, is an ideal read for a first year, or prospective, computer science student or the programmer who wants to get an easy-to-read view of the world of algorithms.  



Sorbet - Making Ruby Statically Typed  
Wednesday 04 July

Stripe's Sorbet type checker aims to achieve what Typescript has done for Javascript; inject static typing to a dynamical language. 

Fear And Loathing In The Cloud  
Wednesday 04 July

The cloud has many advantages, but there is one very big downside - you hand over control of your major assets to a third party that you simply have to trust. Is the thought that you could be held to ransom for some supposed infringement of the terms and conditions keeping you awake at night? Perhaps it should. 

Perl 5.28 Released  
Tuesday 03 July

Perl 5.28 doesn't introduce radical changes, but mainly focuses on optimizations, performance improvements, security fixes, cleanups, module upgrades and removals. We've combined this version's delta document with SawyerX's talk at TPC2018 in Salt Lake City to provide a more holistic summary of noteworthy changes. 

Oracle Launches Subscription Java SE Service  
Tuesday 03 July

Oracle has brought in a new subscription Java SE service for its enterprise Java users  The new service is designed to provide enterprise management, monitoring, and deployment features as well as round-the-clock support. It will be offered as a complement to the free services Oracle also offers.  

Google Invests $22 Million In A Fork Of Firefox OS  
Monday 02 July

Google is backing another phone operating system, as if Android, Fuchsia  and ChromeOS weren't enough. But there is good reason for this move. KaiOS is different. 

Learn To Program the Blockchain With Devslopes For Free   Monday 02 July

It is strongly believed that AI together with the Blockchain is the upcoming revolution in technology. Professionals in these areas are expected to be highly sought after. Recognizing this need, Devslopes aims to transform any beginner to a professional and currently has a very attractive offer that amounts to free training. 

Google Doodle For Gottfried Leibniz  
Sunday 01 July

Today's Google Doodle is a homage to German mathematician, Gottfried Leibniz, who was born on July 1st 1646. He is renowned for developing the modern forms of differential and integral calculus. He also made a significant contribution to computer technology by introducing the multiplier wheel in an early calculating machine.  

Robot Stunt Double Lands Perfectly Every Time  
Saturday 30 June

Disney's Imagineering Research and Development department has unveiled a humanoid robot capable of performing impressive stunts and be a new attraction at Disneyland and its related theme parks.


Python 3.7 Released  
Friday 29 June

I've been using Python 3.7 for weeks so it was a shock to discover that it is a release candidate no more - it's officially the new Python 3. 

Eclipse Photon With Full Rust Support  
Friday 29 June

The annual release of the Eclipse simultaneous release including the Eclipse IDE is here, with support for Rust and C#. The Photon release is the thirteenth annual release of Eclipse. 

Explore Computer History With BBC Archive  
Thursday 28 June

Providing a remarkable trip down memory lane for anyone who learned to program in 1980s Britain, the BBC has released an archive of its Computer Literacy Project. 

dbForge Adds Support for MySQL 8.0  
Thursday 28 June

dbForge Studio for MySQL has been updated to add support for the latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB, along with the ability to navigate between keywords.


Professional Programmer

Learn to Code With Games  
Monday 02 July

Play games and learn something while you are at it? Even better, rather than feeling guilty about wasting time playing games, you are in fact "studying"? With so many code playgrounds out there, here are three of the latest, and free, offerings. 


The Knapsack Problem  
Thursday 28 June

I like problems that look simple and turn out to be really difficult. It's the way that something simple can hide a complexity that you never guessed at. Fortunately for me the universe seems to be built in this way! One particularly fascinating problem, that also has applications in cryptography, is the knapsack or sum partitioning problem.




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