February Week 1
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Saturday, 10 February 2018

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February 1 - 7, 2018 

Book Watch

This week's additions to our ever-growing archive of newly published computer books are:  


Book Reviews


David Conrad awarded a rating of 4 to this book aimed at artists and creative programmers. His review begins, "Processing is a great language and if you don't know it you really need to find out about it" and ends with "I thought it was fun and educational without talking down to the reader."





Android KTX - Kotlin Extensions   Wednesday 07 February

Google has just announced Android KTX, a library of Kotlin extensions that are designed to make Android easier to program using the latest first class Android Language. It at least reveals how serious Google is about Kotlin for Android.


MongoDB Finds Devs Held Back By Maintenance and Admin   Wednesday 07 February

Research commissioned by MongoDB has revealed that while developers are recognised as the key drivers of enterprise innovation they are so heavily burdened with upkeep of infrastructure that their talents are wasted.


Mozilla Things Gateway   Wednesday 07 February

Mozilla has announced the latest version of its Project Things IoT gateway. Can it provide the unified structure the smart home so desperately needs?


Google Adds Tools To Apps Script   Tuesday 06 February

Google has added three new tools to its App Script platform that can be used for developing add-ons for G Suite apps including Google Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides.  The new tools are a dashboard, an API and a command line interface.


Introducing Kaggle Learn   Tuesday 06 February

Kaggle is already well known for its data science contests now it has added learning resources to its site with introductory machine learning, R programming, data visualisation and deep learning as the first four tracks.


TypeScript 2.7 Improves Type Inference   Monday 05 February

There's a new version of TypeScript that has improvements including easier ECMAScript module interoperability, support for fixed length tuples, and smarter object literal inference.


Google Code-in 2017 An Epic Achievement   Monday 05 February

The 8th annual Google Code-in contest in which teenage students learn about open source and make practical contributions turned out to be "epic" - with 3555 students from 78 countries completing 16468 tasks for the 25 participating open source organizations.


ECMAScript 2018 Is Feature Complete   Monday 05 February

What's new in JavaScript/ES2018? Not much, but keep your eye on what is happening or it might just come as a surprise.


Google Paper Signals - The New UI?   Sunday 04 February

First there was Google Cardboard and now we have Google Paper - Signals. What is a Paper Signal? Exactly what it sounds like and it's fun and cute.


Turn Any Webcam Into A Microsoft Kinect   Saturday 03 February

For some jobs you might not even need a depth camera like the Kinect. Take a webcam and Tensorflow and you can use AI to create skeleton tracking - meet VNect.


Open Source Celebrates 20 Years   Friday 02 February

The 20th anniversary of Open Source Software is being celebrated on February 3rd at FOSDEM, taking place in Brussels, Belgium. A new website has been launched by the Open Source Initiative in connection with this milestone anniversary.


Polymer 2.4 Strengthens TypeScript Support   Friday 02 February

There's a new version of Polymer with improved TypeScript support, and a preview version of the next major release of Polymer. Polymer is a JavaScript library that can be used to create custom reusable HTML elements, and use them to build performant, maintainable apps.


Top 10 - PHP For Web Development   Friday 02 February

PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages for web development and if you're a web developer you really can't avoid it. Here is a selection of helpul posts about the language and its frameworks.


Mozilla Privacy Study Vindicates Tracking Protection   Thursday 01 February

Last summer Mozilla conducted a research study in which it set out to investigate how different privacy protections affect website users. A surprising finding was that having Tracking Protection enabled improved user experience.


IntelliJ Improves Spring Boot Handling   Thursday 01 February

There's a new early access build out for IntelliJ IDEA. These improvements focus on Spring Boot, version control, and Git integration.


The Core

Exploring Storage Options on AWS   Monday 05 February

Amazon AWS offers a bewilderingly wide range of storage options. They all share the key benefit of eliminating the need for you to manage your own server, but you are faced with the problem of which to select. This overview is intended to demystify acronyms like S3, EFS and EBS that you will have probably already have come across and help you choose the AWS service you need.



John Von Neumann The Great Polymath   Thursday 01 February

John Von Neumann was perhaps the first computer age polymath. He seemed to be capable of getting involved in just about any subject. Not content with inventing game theory, cellular automata and putting down the foundations of quantum mechanics, he invented the computer architecture we use most often today. 




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