November Week 3
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Saturday, 25 November 2017

As well as sifting through the news, the IProgrammer team does the same for books, selecting titles for Book Watch and for review. In articles this week Nikos Vaggalis prepares for his Android Developer Nanodegree Capstone and we revisit the 1950's, the decade in which the first high-level computer programmer lanaguage, Fortran, took over from assembler.

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November 16 - 22, 2017

Book Watch 

This week we have added the latest title in the I Programmer Library to Book Watch, our archive for newly published books, click the links for more details:

Book Reviews


Awarding a rating of 4.5 out of 5, Kay Ewbank concludes: 

Overall, I liked this book. and although I did have a feeling at times that the author was re-inventing the wheel of the standard database application, the tying together of the different components was well explained and carried out.


Awarding a rating of 4 out of 5, Kay Ewbank summed up her review with: 

... readable and fun. There’s plenty of practical advice, both technical and people-related, and this is a book I’d recommend you read, take away the useful parts, and then leave on your manager’s desk.



    The Grasshopper Problem   Wednesday 22 November

    I am always amazed by the subtlety of probability. You can cite the Monty Hall problem or The Fisher Yates Shuffle, but what about the Grasshopper problem? Easy to state, but very difficult to solve and slightly unbelievable. 

    Gordon Bell Prize For Earth Shattering Research   Wednesday 22 November

    For the second year in a row a Chinese team has been awarded the ACM Gordon Bell Prize, presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement in high-performance computing. This year the focus of the research was earthquake simulation. 

    GitHub Atom Adds Collaborative Coding   Wednesday 22 November

    There's a new version of GitHub's Atom text editor with support for real-time collaborative coding. 


    Prepare to Run a Code Club with Future Learn   Tuesday 21 November

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just opened the doors on a new free, short online course on the Future Learn platform. The aim of 'Prepare to Run a Code Club' is to assist new volunteers who want to launch and run coding clubs for 9- to 13-year olds. 

    Google's Fuchsia OS And The Forking Of Swift   Tuesday 21 November

    This more a "what is going on" sort of story than any prediction of the future. About a week ago the Google team developing the mysterious Fuchsia operating system forked Apple's Swift language. Why? 

    Apache Kylin Gets Table Level ACL Management   Tuesday 21 November

    There's an updated version of Apache Kylin, the "Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data" with improvements including table-level ACL management. 

    Programmers Against Slaughterbots   Monday 20 November

    Autonomous weapons might sound like a good idea at first, why send soldiers to die, but the potential for misuse is obvious. You might not have thought of such as the slaughterbot - you need to see this. 

    Blockchain and Bitcoin Skills In Demand   Monday 20 November

    Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been added to Hacker News Hiring Trends, which tracks the popularity of languages, frameworks and technologies in the Hacker News thread "Ask HN: Who is hiring?".


    TensorFlow Lite For Mobiles   Monday 20 November

    Google has announced a developer preview of TensorFlow Lite, a version of TensorFlow for mobile and embedded devices. 

    Algorithmic Designs Of Wind-up Toys   Sunday 19 November

    Oh, the joys of being a programmer - you can put your nose into any topic and do something fun. In this case a team of researchers has automated and improved the design of wind-up toys. 

    Atlas and the Backflip   Saturday 18 November

    Atlas, Boston Dynamics' bipedal robot, has progressed from falling over to performing impressive gymnastics. There isn't much information on how it does it, but it is still worth watching.


    Google SLING: An Open Source Natural Language Parser   Friday 17 November

    Google Research has just released an open source project that might be of interest if you are into natural language processing. SLING is a combination of recurrent neural networks and frame based parsing. 

    Azure Updates Announced At MS Connect()   Friday 17 November

    Microsoft has announced a number of extras and improvements for Azure at its Connect() virtual event this week, including support for Databricks, Cassandra API, and Maria DB. Poor old Access and SQL Server seem to have been sidelined. 

    vsliveshargraphicVisual Studio Live Share For Collaboration   Thursday 16 November

    Visual Studio Live Share, which will bring real-time collaborative editing and debugging to both the full VS IDE and to VS Code, made its debut on the first day of the Microsoft Connect event taking place online November 15 -17. 


    Kafka Gets KSQL JDBC Driver   Thursday 16 November

    There's a new JDBC driver that provides standard access to Apache Kafka via JDBC API.  The current version connects to the KSQL engine to perform queries to Kafka and then, the engine translates those requests to Kafka requests. 


    Professional Programmer

    Insider's Guide To Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree Part 6 - Capstone Stage 1   Sunday 19 November

    The Capstone, this is what it has all been leading up to.This is where you're set free to design your own project and utilize your own ideas, albeit always within the boundaries set by the specifications.



    History of Computer Languages - The Classical Decade, 1950s   Thursday 16 November

    In the first of a series of articles about the development of computing languages, we look at the struggle to create the first high level languages and how Fortran, which turned 60 this year, set a standard.



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