November Week 2
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Saturday, 18 November 2017

If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the I Programmer team to select news items that are of interest and to gather and review the books you might want to read. This week we have compiled our recommendations for Ruby Books on Programmer's Bookshelf and our new Core article is on Java Lambdas for event handling.

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November 9 - 15, 2017

Book Watch 

This week's additions to our ever growing archive of newly publshed computer books are:

Book Reviews

  • Data Structures and Algorithms in C++: Pocket Primer

    Awarding a rating of 4 out of 5 to this slim volume aimed at students which takes pains to avoid math, Mike James concludes: If you are looking for a fairly shallow dive into the world of the most common data structures and their associated algorithms and you want to work in C++ this is a reasonable choice.

  • Perl One-Liners

While not new, and predating Perl 6, this collection of  "130 Programs That Get Things Done" is still a goodaddition to the bookshelf of any Perl shell script user. Rated 4 out of 5 by Nikos Vaggalis, whose bottom line is: Having the book to hand will allow you to call on Perl's full power in an instant when the need arises.




article thumbnailThe Fruit Fly Brain Improves Our Search Algorithms   Wednesday 15 November

The basic hype to this story is "fruit fly brains will improve the search engines of the future". This isn't quite true, but the real message is interesting enough. A study of the fruit fly brain reveals that it is doing a similarity search using a modified locality-sensitive hashing. Under tests it turns out to be a better algorithm.

Firefox Quantum - Fast For Good   Wednesday 15 November

Firefox 57, aka Quantum, has arrived and it does live up to its claims - both of being twice as fast as it used to be and being faster than Chrome. It also seems stable, in the sense of not crashing,  which is the all-important factor for those of us who rely on a browser for productivity. - Code Intelligence on GitHub   Wednesday 15 November

Ever wanted to browse Github code like an IDE? Tired of cloning repos just to examine their code structure? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you will welcome

article thumbnailGo At Eight   Tuesday 14 November

Go is celebrating its 8th birthday today and has a lot to celebrate as it continues to gain in popularity and to add features that consolidates its position as the language of cloud infrastructure.

FitBit Announces App Challenge   Tuesday 14 November

Hot on the heels of the release of the FitBit SDK Developer Preview, there's an updated version and a competition for FitBit Apps. 

Increase In Uptake of Computer Science Challenges Universities   Monday 13 November

The current surge in undergraduate enrollments in Computer Science courses and degree programs is straining resources at many U.S. colleges and universities according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Faster Buck From Facebook   Monday 13 November

Facebook has added  a new feature to Buck, its open-sourced fast build system. The addition can be used to get faster compile times for Android projects. 

article thumbnailSeeing Around Corners   Sunday 12 November

A team from CSAIL has come up with an innovative algorithm for eliminating blind spots. The idea is that you use corners as a camera. Sound mad, but it is just another example of an inverse problem that can be solved. 

Minix Inside!   Saturday 11 November

What is the most used operating system? You might say Windows and then you might remember all those servers and opt for Linux, but either way you would be wrong. And no, it isn't OSX or Android. It is an operating system called Minix, created for educational purposes by Andrew Tanenbaum in the 1980s, which is currently running on all the Intel machines you can think of.

Apple Extends Reach of Its College Coding Curriculum   Friday 10 November

Apple has announced a global expansion of its Swift app development curriculum to more than 20 colleges and universities outside the US, including Australia's largest higher education institution, RMIT University.

article thumbnailTensorFlow Incorporates Keras   Friday 10 November

There's a new version of Google TensorFlow with Keras included as part of the core API.

Android Architecture Components Reach Stability   Thursday 09 November

Google has released the 1.0 stable version of its Android Architecture Components. These are a collection of libraries that Google says help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.

Professional Certificate Program in Agile Software Development from edX   Thursday 09 November

The first of two courses that make up a Professional Certificate Program on the edX platform is now underway. In it students will learn fundamental software engineering skills using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Agile methodology to further their careers as software engineers.

Professional Programmer

article thumbnailGems Among Ruby Books   Thursday 09 November

Ruby, and its best known framework Rails, have a great selection of books for all levels of developer from beginner to expert. Here we pick I Programmer's top recommendations.

The Core

article thumbnailJava Lambdas, SAMs And Events   Tuesday 14 November

What is all the fuss about Java lambdas? Easy - they make passing functions to other functions much easier. In particular they make setting up event handlers in GUIs such as Swing fairly simple even if you can't always make use of them. This is the easy guide to lambdas. 




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