November Week 1
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Saturday, 11 November 2017

As well as sifting through the news, the IProgrammer team does the same for books, selecting titles for Book Watch and for review. In articles this week we look at advanced tree data structures and explores the idea of Type in Kotlin.

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November 2 - 8, 2017

Book Watch 

This week's additions to our ever growing archive of computer books are: 

Book Reviews


Awarding a rating of 4 out of 5, Kay Ewbank concludes:


Overall, I liked this book. It's not particularly a 'how to' book, though there is discussion of techniques in Gephi and KeyLines; instead, it's more about how to make your graphs look clean and useful, and why to choose one layout over another to get your point across.

Choosing a book of interest to electronics enthusiasts, and rating it 4 out of 5, Harry Fairhead describes this book about George Boole and Claude Shannon as: a slightly odd journey through the ideas of logic and information that underpin modern computing.




Capsule Nets - The New AI   Wednesday 08 November

The amazing sucess of convolutional neural networks was the start of the new push to create AI. Now Geoffrey Hinton's team have published results that reveal what might be an even better architecture - a Capsule Net. 

Visual Search Adopted by Ebay   Wednesday 08 November

AI is rapidly taking over all aspects of our lives, from calorie counting, to personal assistance and financial advice. Shopping is no exception. Now, with Ebay's new powered-by-AI visual search engine, it's even easier as well as more accurate. 

How To Ask A Successful Question on Stack Overflow   Wednesday 08 November

As the result of extensive analysis of Stack Overflow questions and answers, researchers have come up with some dos and don'ts about framing questions that will result in useful answers.  

Top 10 From Around the Web: More About JavaScript   Tuesday 07 November

JavaScript is popular with both the writers and the readers of I Programmer. You'll find loads about JavaScript on this site, but  we regularly look at external blogs to bring you even more.  

Kafka 1 Becomes More Tolerant   Tuesday 07 November

 Apache Kafka is now available in version 1.0 as it is now stable enough for business use. The new release of the distributed streaming engine is more tolerant of disk failures, supports Java 9, and has better metrics. 

Track Satellites With Android   Monday 06 November

The Android Framework now provides access to raw Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measurements on some Android devices. This is unlikely ever to become a mainstream requirement, but it is awesome what can now can be measured with a smartphone. 

Angular 5 - Smaller, Faster, Easier To Use   Monday 06 November

There's a new major release of Angular that the developers claim is smaller, faster, and easier to use. New features of Angular  5, codenamed pentagonal-donut, include automatic use of the build optimizer. 

3D Face Reconstruction Applied to Art   Sunday 05 November

In yet another AI breakthrough, researchers from the University of Nottingham Computer Vision laboratory, have managed to transform 2D facial images to their 3D counterparts in a most productive and efficient way and have made the project available for the rest of us to enjoy. The best part is that it can even work with Art such as historical portraits and pencil sketches. 

Sony Aibo Renaissance   Saturday 04 November

Sony has announced a new entertainment robot aimed at families and children that takes the form of a four-footed, tail-wagging friend. Whereas the original AIBO was more robot than dog, the new aibo (all lower case letters) is a cute, friendly puppy. 

Computer Science In Demand   Friday 03 November

The latest forecasts from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that job prospects are very optimistic for most computer occupations. The exception is Computer Programmers. Should we be alarmed? 

New Kotlin Style Guides Unveiled   Friday 03 November

The Android team has produced two new style guides for using Kotlin on Android and provided some updates on how Kotlin uptake is going.  

Cloud Foundry Training and Certification   Thursday 02 November

A free introductory course on the edX platform, which has just re-opened, can be the initial step on the route to Cloud Foundry certification. And even if you don't want to get certified it will help you discover how to create apps that are cloud-native. 

MS Open Sources Java Debugger For VS Code   Thursday 02 November

Microsoft has open sourced the Java debugger from the Visual Studio Code editor, along with the Java Debug Server that it uses on the back end.  

The Core

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Type   Monday 06 November

Kotlin is a strongly-typed language, but what exactly does this mean?What is "type" and where does it come from? The idea of a type system is something that you can't avoid when using classes and objects and is worth understanding. 

Babbage's Bag

Data Structures - Trees   Thursday 02 November

Classic data structures produce classic tutorials. In this edition of Babbage's Bag  we investigate the advanced ecology of trees - perfectly balanced trees, AVL trees and B-Trees.  





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