June Week 4
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Saturday, 01 July 2017

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 June 22 - 28, 2017 


Book Reviews

  • Clojure Recipes
    Alex Armstrong awarded this book a rating of 4 out of 5: 
    This book is mostly about the infrastructure that surrounds Clojure and isn't a traditional language-based recipe book. It doesn't tell you much about Clojure itself but it does tell you about using Clojure with other Clojure- based tools.


  • Statistics Done Wrong
    Mike James awarded this book a rating of 4 out of 5, with the verdict:
    If you already know enough stats to follow, this is a good read and should convince you that we need to teach statistics much better than we do.





    Open Source Friday   Wednesday 28 June

    GitHub is inviting every one - individuals, teams, departments and companies - to join in Open Source Friday, a structured program for contributing to open source that started inside GitHub and has since expanded.



    DIY AI To Sort 2 Metric Tons Of Lego   Wednesday 28 June

    This is an interesting story because it suggests that machine learning and neural networks in particular have graduated to being useful in an almost casual sort of way. No longer is the use of a neural network a research project. For want of a better term, it's a maker project.



    The Future Development Of Kotlin   Wednesday 28 June

    With Google's promotion of Kotlin to a supported Android language, the way that it is going to develop is much more important. We now have the results of the JetBrain's survey of what programmers want in the language. 



    Julia 0.6 Improves Type Handling   Tuesday 27 June

    The latest version of Julia has been released with what has been described as a sweeping overhaul of the type system and numerous improvements to syntax and to the standard library.



    Scratch 2.0 Offline In Raspbian   Tuesday 27 June

    An update to the Raspberry Pi version of Linux, Raspbian, has an unexpected extra - the ability to run Scratch 2.0 locally, without the need for a browser connection, and with custom extensions which allows the user to control the Pi’s GPIO pins. 



    Apache Kudu Improves Web Interface   Monday 26 June

    Apache Kudu 1.4 has been released with improvements to the usability of the Kudu web interfaces, and a new file system check utility. 



    $2 Million To Reinvent The Internet   Monday 26 June

    This US-only contest comes from Mozilla and the National Science Foundation who have joined forces to call for big ideas that will keep the web accessible, decentralized and resilient. There are two challenges each with two phases, for design concept and working prototype, each with multiple cash prizes.



    Unicode 10 Adds Bitcoin and Two Dinosaurs   Sunday 25 June

    Unicode 10 has been released with this year's additions to the emoji list being the usual mix of interesting and weird.



    Q.bo One - Second Generation Robot For Developers, Hobbyists and Kids   Saturday 24 June

    A new robot from the TheCorpora Robotic Company has been launched on Indiegogo, where you can order them, in kit form and fully built, for delivery in December. Q.bo One is an open source standard robot that uses a combination of Raspberry Pi and Arduino and can be programmed in Scratch.



    D Gets A Boost From GCC   Friday 23 June

    D is the language that should have followed C. Well it should have if languages progressed as letters of the alphabet, but this really isn't the case. D did get some attention, but it never achieved the number of users need to put it in the same category as C or C++. However, it isn't dead. In fact it is far from dead as it has just been added to the GCC. Is D a language you should consider?



    MongoDB Stitch Makes App Development Easier   Friday 23 June

    A new back end for MongoDB has been announced. MongoDB Stitch has a document-centric API that handles the interface between apps and back-end data. 



    Open Source Valued Despite Poor Documentation and Bad Behavior   Thursday 22 June

    Findings from an Open Source Survey designed by GitHub together with researchers from academia, industry, and the community, provide interesting insights about the attitudes, experiences, and backgrounds of those who use, build, and maintain open source software. The full results are available as an open data set available on GitHub.



    DeCaffeinate Converts CoffeeScript To JavaScript   Thursday 22 June

    A new tool lets you automatically convert your CoffeeScript source to modern JavaScript. Decaffeinate is available now on GitHub.


    The Core

    The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Control   Tuesday 27 June

    All programming languages have to give you ways of modifying the flow of control -  making loops, conditional execution and so on. Kotlin uses a fairly traditional approach, but there are some exceptionally nice touches that if used correctly can make your programs much easier to understand.



    Dangerous Logic - De Morgan & Programming   Thursday 22 June

    Programmers are master logicians - well they sometimes are. Most of the time they are as useless at it as the average joe. The difference is that the average joe can avoid logic and hence the mistakes. How good are you at logical expressions and why exactly is Augustus De Morgan your best friend, logically speaking?





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