February Week 4
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Saturday, 04 March 2017

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February 23 - March 1, 2017 


Book Reviews


Sue Gee awarded this title a rating of 4.5 (out of 5) and concluded:

If you think through the questions and respond to the challenges you are bound to get something from it, whatever the level of your prior experience. Recommended

  • Excel 2016 Programming Pocket Primer


    Janet Swift's verdict in this case:

    If you are looking for a compact book with lots of simple examples, this book might suit your requirements.



    High-Tech, Cross-Browser Fingerprinting   Wednesday 01 March

    Do you trust that getting rid of third party cookies keeps you safe from tracking? Think again as there's a new cross-browser tracking that can follow you no matter how often you delete cookies or switch browser. 



    Choosing The Best Beginner's Programming Language   Wednesday 01 March

    Opensource.com, the online publication from Red Hat, is currently conducting a poll as to which is the best programming language for beginners. This has of course generated quite a lively debate.



    WebAssembly Is Ready For Use   Wednesday 01 March

    WebAssembly is possibly the most exciting development in any area of programming at the moment and it has just reached an important milestone - consensus.



    Google's Cloud Spanner To Settle the Relational vs NoSQL Debate?   Tuesday 28 February

    Cloud Spanner is a new proposition for database as a service that emphatically offers "Relational with NoSQL scaling". Will Google come to dominate yet another market?



    Pi Zero Wireless A $10 Birthday Present   Tuesday 28 February

    The Pi is 5 years old and as a birthday present the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the Pi Zero W with onboard WiFi and Bluetooth. This really is the ideal IoT device.



    //No Comment - Inside Boston Dynamics - Update   Tuesday 28 February

    Two videos give a unique look at the robots of Boston Dynamics including a new bipedal two-wheeled, yes legs and wheels, robot that has been described as something from a "nightmare".



    Update: Official Boston Dynamics Video of the new robot.



    TypeScript 2.2 Adds More Code Actions   Monday 27 February

    There's a new release of TypeScript with more code actions, a new object type, and easier string indexing behavior among its improvements. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.



    Free Python Courses From Alison   Monday 27 February

    Three new short Python courses have been added to those already available on the Alison platform. Now by taking all Alison's Python courses you can gain a Diploma in Python Programming. Is this of any value?



    Chatbots Explored   Sunday 26 February

    One of the areas of AI that is already having an impact on a day-to-day basis is that of the chatbot. More and more often often when you ask questions on a shopping or reservation booking site it's a bot that answers rather than a human. We asked Justine Baron of Recast.AI to tell us more about the current state of chatbot development.



    //No Comment - Lensless Photography, Automatic Studio & Better Astro Shots   Friday 24 February

    • Lensless Photography with only an image sensor

    • Live smart studio doesn’t need a photographer

    • Neural networks Improve Astronomy Pics



    Dash - Life Without The App Store   Friday 24 February

    After Apple banned Dash, the API documentation browser and code snippet manager, from the App Store last October there was much speculation about whether it could survive. This story has a happy outcome as Dash appears to be thriving with the recent release of Dash 4 for macOS.



    Komodo 10.2 Adds Slack Sharing   Thursday 23 February

    An updated version of ActiveState's cross-platform multi-language programming IDE, Komodo, has been released with the better unit testing and Slack sharing among its improvements and enhancements.  



    The 100+ Analytic Microservices for Predix App Development   Thursday 23 February

    New analytics have been added to Predix, extending the capability of its analytic microservices for the Industrial IoT by providing the crucial insights that reduce downtime and enable users to make better decisions.


    The Core

    jQuery 3 - Animation   Monday 27 February

    jQuery's animation functions are built on the use of the default function queue. They are easy to use, but can sometimes be confusing because of the way they mix different ways of showing and hiding elements.  



    HTML5/CSS Layout   Thursday 23 February

    The HTML default layout rules can be a mystery. They are usually introduced to users late on and as part of achieving something complicated and this tends to obscure the principles. So if you want to get to grips with floated, non-floated blocks, clipping and clear then read on.





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