February Week 1
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

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February 2-8, 2017


Book Reviews



Andrew Johnson awarded a rating of 4.5 out of 5, concluding:

This is a very readable book and if your team is struggling with the transition to agile and the budget rules out engaging an agile coach getting everyone involved, including your customers, to read it could be a very helpful move.



Lucy Black rated this book 4 out of 5, advising:

A quick read through this book, and there is quite a lot you can skip because it's too general or doesn't apply to your situation, could save you from creating a voice disaster. I know that most of the Alexa skills I have tried would have been better if their creators had bothered to read this book even a little bit. 



The State Of Voice As UI   Wednesday 08 February

Research from VoiceLabs provides useful insights into the upcoming interface of choice - Voice. It looks at the current state of adoption of voice devices, in particular Amazon Echo and Google Home.



Firefox Makeover Loses Devs   Wednesday 08 February

It is difficult to remember how radical Firefox was when first introduced, but now it is being remade using a slightly boring, but potentially more efficient architecture. The problem is that this makes it difficult to create the sort of advanced extensions that made Firefox popular in the first place.



Associate Android Developer Certification by Google   Wednesday 08 February

To meet the job market's ever growing demand for  certified Android developers, Google once more in partnership with Udacity, has started offering an "Associate Android Developer Certification",  obtainable through just a single exam.



Apache Beam Moves To Top Level   Tuesday 07 February

Apache Beam, a distributed processing tool with a unified programming model for both batch and streaming data processing, has achieved top level status as an Apache project.



//No Comment - Approxímate Edit Distance, Irrational Guards & DCT In 14 Additions   Tuesday 07 February

• On Practical Accuracy of Edit Distance Approximation Algorithms

• Irrational Guards are Sometimes Needed

• DCT-like Transform for Image Compression Requires 14 Additions Only



Progress Telerik DevCraft Adds Angular Support   Monday 06 February

There's a new version of the Progress Telerik DevCraft suite with support for Angular, Visual Studio 2017, and JQuery 3.



New Programming Journal Launched   Monday 06 February

The first issue of a new open access journal with the title The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is now available on arxiv.org. It is published under the auspices of AOSA in conjunction with its annual <Programming> conference, the first of which takes place in Brussels in April.



The IoT - What You Need Know   Sunday 05 February

The IoT, Internet of Things, is much talked about, but is it really important? We have some facts for you that might allow you to decide for yourself.



//No Comment - Inside Boston Dynamics   Saturday 04 February

Two videos give a unique look at the robots of Boston Dynamics including a new bipedal two-wheeled, yes legs and wheels, robot that has been described as something from a "nightmare".



Mozilla Closes Connected Devices Unit   Friday 03 February

Mozilla has finally recognized what was obvious to most of us - that the attempt to get Firefox OS reborn as an IoT operating system was doomed to fail. It has closed its Connected Devices Unit with the loss of 50 jobs.



Edge Still Being Edged Out   Friday 03 February

Microsoft continues an aggressive campaign to get Windows 10 users to use its default web browser. The latest ploy is popup tips pointing out that Edge is safer and faster than Chrome. This really needs to be effective if Microsoft wants to maintain a share of the browser market.



Realm Mobile Reaches 1.0   Friday 03 February

A new platform for mobile developers has been released by Realm, a company best known for its Mobile Database which offers an alternative to SQLite and Core Data. Realm runs directly inside phones and other mobile devices, using native JavaScript objects that are dynamically mapped to a full, custom database engine rather than a key-value store.



Microsoft Clarifies Position On .NET Languages   Thursday 02 February

A worry for Microsoft programmers is what the future holds for their languages. Will Microsoft lose interest or simply decide that three frontline languages is too much for any company? Now we have some idea of that the thinking is about the future of C#, F# and VB.



HBase Adds MultiWAL Support   Thursday 02 February

A new version of Apache HBase is available with date-based tiered compactions and a CoDel based RPC scheduler.



//No Comment - Semantic Compression & Face Synthesis   Thursday 02 February

• Semantic Perceptual Image Compression using Deep Convolution Networks 

• Face Synthesis from Facial Identity Features


The Core

Predix IoT for Developers   Monday 06 February

We have seen businesses transform into software houses to withstand competition. To continue surviving into the near future they'll also have to embrace IoT, as the industry responds to the ever-increasing presence of connected devices.



Universal Hashing   Thursday 02 February

Hashing is a fun idea that has lots of unexpected uses. Here we look at a novel type of hash function that makes it easy to create a family of universal hash functions. The method is based on a random binary matrix and is very simple to implement.





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