January Week 1
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Saturday, 07 January 2017

Here is the first weekly digest for 2017 intended to keep you up to date with news, book reviews and article written for programmers, by programmers. 

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December 29 - January 4 



Book Reviews of the Year 2016

At the holiday period IProgrammer asks its reviewers to nominate their "best reads" of the year. To read the original review click on the links below and use the Kindle previews to look inside each book.



  • Beyond Legacy Code




    Pi To Take Over The Desktop?   Wednesday 04 January

    The amazing success of the Raspberry Pi has had many impacts on the computing world and some of them are yet to be felt. The latest move makes the Pi's OS available for existing desktop machines, and this might have more effect than you imagine.



    C Slides In TIOBE Index   Wednesday 04 January

    As 2016 drew to a close attention was drawn to the fact that, while retaining its overall ranking at #2 within the TIOBE Index C had suffered a steady decline for over 12 months.



    SQLite 3.16 Adds Pragma Functions   Wednesday 04 January

    The latest version of SQLite has been released with experimental support for PRAGMA functions.



    Google Slides API Adds Text Formatting   Tuesday 03 January

    The G Suite team at Google has added text formatting to the recently released Slides API. 



    The Recruitment Dilemma   Sunday 01 January

    New Year, new projects and a time of flux. Have you ever calculated the cost of losing a senior developer and needing a replacement? Specialist recruitment agency Devskiller has, and this infographic presents its analysis. 



    Google Code-In Progress Report   Saturday 31 December

    Google Code-in is proving to be more popular than ever this year. With another two weeks to go there's still time to participate and do some useful work for an open source organization.



    The Weekly Top Ten: More Ruby On Rails   Friday 30 December

    The I Programmer team tries to cover as many as possible of the languages you might be interested in, but now and then it's good to have outside help. This round up of posts from around the web is focused on anything relevant to Ruby on Rails.



    Orion 13 Released With ECMA 2016 Support   Friday 30 December

    Orion 13.0 has just been released with code formatting and complete support for the ECMAScript 2016 language.



    Arduino 1.8.0 IDE For Reunified Arduino   Thursday 29 December

    This new version of the Arduino IDE was announced at the beginning of October 2016 at the New York Maker Faire as the official, unified, desktop editor for all Arduino boards.



    //No Comment - Frank, Sandboxing JavaScript, OCaml 4.04.0 & Kotlin 1.0.6   Thursday 29 December

    • Do be do be do

    • Transaction-based Sandboxing for JavaScript

    • OCaml version 4.04.0 is released

    • Kotlin 1.0.6


    The Core

    AWS Lambda For The Impatient Part 1   Monday 02 January

    The problem with entering the AWS world for the first time is that it's like entering a labyrinth, a futile attempt of navigating through an endless maze of documentation, policies, endpoints, services, tokens and authentications. The task of having to hook all that up in order to get on with your job is daunting. Here is the help you need for AWS Lambda.



    The Invertible Bloom Filter   Thursday 29 December

    If you think that the Bloom filter is magic, wait until you see the invertible Bloom filter. This not only keeps a record of data, it allows you to add, delete and make a list of the data you have stored.





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